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Deck 11 - The Maud Gonne Bar & Lounge and Crazy Janes Games Room

The Maud Gonne Bar and Lounge is the main bar space on W.B. YEATS, and is located forward on Deck 11 overlooking the bow of the vessel.  It is named after Maud Gonne MacBride (1866–1953), an English born Irish revolutionary, suffragette, and actress raised in France as the daughter of a British Army officer of Irish descent.  Maud Gonne was either the subject of or inspiration for many of William Butler Yeats’ poems.  Yeats proposed to Maud Gonne at least 4 times as well as once to her daughter, Iseult.  Both women turned him down before Yeats married Georgie Hyde-Less with whom he had two children. It is said his heart was always with Maud Gonne however.

The "Maude Gonne" Bar and Lounge onboard W.B. YEATS. Irish Ferries
The “Maud Gonne” Bar and Lounge onboard W.B. YEATS. Irish Ferries

Crazy Janes Games Room

Crazy Jane’s is located to the side of “The Maude Gonne” Bar and Lounge on the starboard side of the vessel.

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