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Deck 11 - The Drumcliff Promenade Deck

Drumcliff (or Drumcliffe) is a village in County Sligo which is the final resting place of William Butler Yeats.  Although Yeats died in France, his remains were brought back to Ireland by the Irish Naval Service and re-interred at Drumcliff in 1948 almost a decade after his death.  He is now buried in the Graveyard of St Columba’s Church of Ireland in the village.

Entrance to "The Maud Gonne" Bar and Lounge and "The Drumcliffe Promenade" on Deck 11 of W.B. YEATS. Copyright © Scott Mackey.
Entrance to “The Maud Gonne” Bar and Lounge and “The Drumcliffe Promenade” on Deck 11 of W.B. YEATS. Copyright © Scott Mackey.

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