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Belfast Cruise Calls 2015

By: Steven Tarbox
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 Belfast cruise calls 2015

DateCruise LineShipArriveDepart

December 2014

17th Dec ‘14Fred OlsenBoudiccaTBCTBC

March 2015

27th Mar ‘15Voyages of DiscoveryVoyager09:0017:00

May 2015

7th May ‘15Voyages of DiscoveryVoyager08:3019:00
14th May ‘15Princess CruisesRoyal Princess08:0018:00
25th May ‘15Princess CruisesRoyal Princess08:0018:00
30th May ‘15PCLMarina13:0023:00

June 2015

7th JunPrincess CruisesRoyal Princess12:0022:00
12th JunRegent Seven SeasSeven Seas Voyager08:0020:00
15th JunP&O CruisesAdoniaTBCTBC
26th JunFred OlsenBalmoralTBCTBC

July 2015

1st JulyPrincess CruisesRoyal Princess08:0018:00
2nd JulySwan HellenicMinerva08:0022:00
4th JulyCrystal CruisesCrystal Symphony08:0018:00
4th JulyOceana CruisesNautica09:0021:00
10th JulyAzamara CruisesAzamara Quest06:002300
13th JulyCroisieres de FranceHorizon13:0021:00
15th JulyPrincess CruisesRoyal Princess08:0018:00
17th JulyCunardQueen ElizabethTBCTBC
22nd JulyCelebrity Cruise LinesCelebrity Silhouette08:0017:00
23rd JulyHolland America LinePrinsendam08:0018:00
24th JulyTuiMein Schiff 106:0019:00
2th JulyPrincess CruisesRoyal Princess08:0018:00
26th JulyPCLMarina08:0022:00

August 2015

2nd AugCrystal CruisesCrystal Serenity07:0022:00
4th AugPhoenix ReisenAlbatross13:0019:00
4th AugSagaSaga PearlTBCTBC
6th AugPrincess CruisesRoyal Princess08:0018:00
11th AugPhoenix ReisenArtania12:0022:00
17th AugCelebrity Cruise LinesCelebrity Silhouette08:0018:00
18th AugPrincess CruisesRoyal Princess08:0018:00
23rd AugRegent Seven SeasSeven Seas Voyager08:0020:00
23rd AugHapag LloydEuropa08:0022:00
25th AugSilverseaSilver Cloud08:0023:00
29th AugFred OlsenBlack WatchTBCTBC
29th AugPrincess CruisesRoyal Princess07:0017:00
30th AugAIDAAIDAcara08:0018:00

September 2015

12th SeptSilverseaSilver Whisper08:0022:00
16th SeptPrincess CruisesRegal Princess07:0017:00
17th SeptTuiMein Schiff 404:0023:00


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