Stena Fleet Movements Update – Belfast Says Farewell To Stena Forerunner Ahead of Welcoming Stena Forecaster and Stena Nordica!

The Stena owned freighter STENA FORERUNNER left Belfast bound for Birkenhead for the final time this afternoon ahead of her replacement next week.  Sister-ship STENA FORECASTER will take over the Birkenhead shoulder sailings on Tuesday, having finished her charter carrying Airbus components across the Atlantic between Europe and America.  As previously reported on this site, Stena RoRo announced late last year that they had sold STENA FORECASTER to an unnamed buyer.  Although not officially confirmed, industry sources indicate that the purchaser was in-fact Stena Line.  STENA FORERUNNER will return to the North Sea to operate between me and Rotterdam Europoort once she has discharged at Birkenhead.  STENA FORECASTER is currently en route to Birkenhead, with her arrival currently expected to be at around 10 am.

STENA FORECASTER, screenshot from Stena Group YouTube.

STENA NORDICA will return to the Belfast – Cairnryan route on Monday with STENA SUPERFAST X returning to her normal Holyhead – Dublin route over the weekend.  The latter vessel is currently expected to leave Belfast Dry Dock at lunchtime tomorrow.  Once released from the Dublin service STENA NORDICA will make her way to Belfast for at D1, before replacing STENA SUPERFAST VII from the 11:30 ex Belfast on Monday.  STENA SUPERFAST VII will be in dry dock for around two weeks before releasing sister-ship STENA SUPERFAST VIII for a similar length of time in dry dock.

STENA NORDICA arrives in Dublin to release the vessel which replaced her on the Holyhead – Dublin route, STENA SUPERFAST X, on the evening of 28.01.19. Copyright © Gordon Hislip.

As yet no plans to dry-dock STENA EUROPE have been announced, though rumours of a lengthy life-extending refit starting in March persist.  The veteran vessel remains on the timetable throughout March and April.  STENA NORDICA does not reappear on the timetable of her normal route between Karlskrona- Gdynia throughout March, which suggests the versatile Ro-Pax could be providing refit cover either at Rosslare or elsewhere in the Stena Line network.

STENA SUPERFAST X which at the time was in Belfast Dry Dock. Copyright © Scott Mackey.” class=”wp-image-17214″/>
Five Stena ships in Belfast together! STENA HIBERNIA, STENA FORERUNNER, STENA SUPERFAST VIII, and STENA LAGAN seen from the stern of STENA SUPERFAST X which at the time was in Belfast Dry Dock. Copyright © Scott Mackey.