The ‘other’ Stena Superfast: Stena Superfast X, coming soon to Belfast (for a while).

Stena Superfast X. Copyright © Scott Mackey.

Stena Superfast X to operate to Cairnryan next month.

Next month will see the maiden arrival in Belfast of the latest permanent addition to the Stena Line Irish Sea fleet, Stena Superfast X.  Stena Superfast X was of course built as a sister ship to our own Stena Superfast VII and VIII, although she has had a very different career.  Normally Stena Superfast X would operate between Dublin and Holyhead, however she will operate from Belfast for around 2 weeks whilst covering the dry-docking periods of Stena Superfast VII and VIII at Harland and Wolff.  The Belfast yard has of course secured a £4m contact to refit the bulk of Stena Line’s Irish Sea fleet this year.

The ‘Met Grill’ onboard Stena Superfast X. Very different to the equivalent ‘Taste’ restaurant onboard Stena Superfast VII and VIII. Copyright © Scott Mackey.

Stena Superfast X will offer a different passenger experience to the regular vessels however, as she has been laid out differently internally, reflecting the different nature of her regular crossing.  Of particular note is the retention of some cabins on deck 8, meaning Stena Plus is located a deck lower than on VII and VIII in the area occupied by The Met bar on our own ships.

The ‘Stena Plus’ lounge onboard Stena Superfast X. This is located forward on deck 7 where the ‘Met Bar’ is on our own Superfast sisters. Copyright © Scott Mackey.

It is planned for Stena Superfast X to be in service on the Belfast to Cairnryan route between 1/2/16 and 16/2/16 at present, though these dates may change.  A more in depth feature on the differences between Stena Superfast VII/VIII and Stena Superfast X is planned for this site following the arrival of Stena Superfast X on the Belfast route.


A Stena Line video promoting the introduction of Stena Superfast X between Dublin and Holyhead.

Title image:  Stena Superfast X pictured on her first daytime commercial arrival at Dublin Port, 10 March 2015.  Copyright © Scott Mackey.

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