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Ben-My-Chree Fast Facts

Current Name: Ben-My-ChreePrevious Names: -
Shipyard: Van der Giessen-de Noord N.V., Krimpen aan den IJssel (NL) #971, IMO Number: 9170705
Current Operator: The Isle of Man Steam Packet CompanyCurrent Route: Douglas [IOM] - Heysham [GB] / Liverpool [GB] / Belfast [NI] / Dublin[IE]
Length Overall: 125.2mBeam: 23.4m
Passenger Capacity: 500 (636 max)Vehicle Capacity: 1235 lane metres of freight or 275 cars (or a combination of both)
Tonnage: 12,504Sister-ships: COMMODORE CLIPPER (Part-sister)

Overview of Ben-My-Chree

The Dutch built Ro-Pax ferry BEN-MY-CHREE (VI) was ordered while the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company was under the ownership of Sea Containers. She is the sole conventional passenger vessel operated by the company at present.  BEN-MY-CHREE (VI) was launched in 1998 at the Dutch yard of Van der Giessen-de Noord at Krimpen an den IJssel, near Rotterdam.  

Purchased at a price of £24m (US$39.5m), BEN-MY-CHREE was the first new-build vessel for Isle of Man services for 23 years. She was purpose-built and was the largest vessel to ever enter service with the Steam Packet.  

The arrival of BEN-MY-CHREE allowed the Steam Packet to withdraw 2 vessels – the freight only ferry PEVERIL (ex PENDA / JAGUAR, etc) and the vehicle and passenger ferry KING ORRY (1972, the former SAINT ELOI and CHANNEL ENTENTE of Sealink ALA).  The current BEN-MY-CHREE is the 6th Steam Packet vessel to carry the name.

Ben-My-Chree in her original livery. AlexMcCormac at English Wikipedia [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


The design of BEN-MY-CHREE was somewhat of a departure for the Isle of Man Steam Packet, as she was the first vessel designed for them to act as a backup to a fast-craft and not as a main vessel with regard to passenger operations.  

BEN-MY-CHREE was designed to fit the constraints of both Douglas and Heysham harbours. As a result she is smaller than many vessels of similar age with a length overall of just over 125m.

BEN-MY-CHREE pictured on trials in her original livery. Van de Giessen de Noord B.V.

The hull form of BEN-MY-CHREE is a shortened version of that used on the North Sea Ferries (later P&O) passenger carrying freighters NORBANK and NORBAY. These themselves are an evolution of a design used for seven freight ferries built in The Netherlands and Italy for the Italian Viamare sea motorway project, the first of which was VIA LIGURE.  Adapting this existing design helped keep the design and manufacture costs low.  

It is said that all Van der Giessen ferries of the same era are based on this common hull form and a wider derivative. This includes Irish Ferries ISLE OF INNISFREE (currently KAITAKI) and ISLE OF INISHMORE, STENA JUTLANDICA (III), the aforementioned North Sea Ferries (now P&O) “super freighters”, COMMODORE CLIPPER (which many consider a part-sister to BEN-MY-CHREE), and even their final vessels, Brittany Ferries MONT ST MICHEL and SNCM’s PASCAL PAOLI.  

During the 1990’s, Van der Giessen became a popular choice of yard with ferry companies due to their ability to build vessels to a good standard quickly and at an attractive price.  This was due in no small part to the yards use of modular construction and standardised design.

BEN-MY-CHREE in dry dock at Cammell Laird for her bi-annual overhaul in 2014. Isle of Man Steam Packet Company.


Propulsion on BEN-MY-CHREE is provided by two Mak 9M32 medium-speed diesel engines, each producing a total of 8,640kW running at 600rpm.  These drive twin controllable pitch propellers at approx 160rpm via reduction gearing. Two Leroy Somer shaft generators producing 1160kW each at 1500rpm are also driven from the main engines via a step-up gearbox.  For manoeuvring at low-speed two LIPS 900kW bow thrusters are fitted.  Normal service speed is around 18-19kts.

BEN-MY-CHREE seen in the River Mersey approaching Birkenhead, 09.02.19. Copyright © Das Boot 160 Photography.

Passenger Accommodation

Although originally designed to carry a maximum of 500 passengers, following a number of passenger complaints this was limited to around 350 for passenger comfort.  This capacity was boosted to 636 passengers (limited to 500) during a major refit costing £1.5m in 2004 when an additional passenger module requiring some 150 tonnes of steelwork was fitted to BEN-MY-CHREE at Northwestern Ship Repairers, Bidston (now part of Cammell Laird).  

In addition to increasing passenger capacity through the addition of a new 100 person bar area and 100 person quiet lounge, this refit also included adding outside passenger space to the vessel for the first time.  While the accommodation module and supporting steelwork were fitted during the month long refit, outfitting of the new accommodation took place while the vessel was back in service.

The floating crane MERSEY MAMMOTH (now LARA I) lifts the starboard section of the new passenger accommodation module onto BEN-MY-CHREE, January 16th 2004. Copyright © Cammell Laird.

Vehicles are housed on decks three and five where a total of 1,235 lane metres is available.  Access to these decks is via a single stern ramp.  All passenger accommodation is on decks 7 and 8.

Area of operation

BEN-MY-CHREE principally operates between the Manx capital of Douglas to the Lancashire port of Heysham and Birkenhead, however during the summer season she has also operated to Belfast and Dublin.  

On 21st May 2016 BEN-MY-CHREE conducted berthing trials at Holyhead in order to assess the suitability of the Anglesey port as a backup option to Heysham and Birkenhead.  

Following similar berthing trials at Larne for MANANNAN earlier in the year, BEN-MY-CHREE briefly visited the County Antrim port in the early hours of 30/7/17 for her own berthing trials.  

Following successful trials of both BEN-MY-CHREE and MANANNAN at Larne, the IOMSPCo opened a public consultation towards the end of 2017 about switching ports from Belfast to Larne.  The result of this consultation came back in favour of keeping Belfast as the port used by the Steam Packet in Northern Ireland, however.

Newly repainted Ben My Chree pictured leaving Cammell-Laird Birkenhead following maintenance in May 2014. Copyright © Das Boot 160 Photography.

Between 17th April and 8th May 2018 BEN-MY-CHREE was taken out of service for her biennial overhaul.  A sum of £1.6m was to be spent on this work which was both above and below deck.

Condor Ferries COMMODORE CLIPPER is the closest BEN-MY-CHREE has to a sister-ship. Condor Ferries.

Replacement plan

The Isle of Man Steam packet have announced a proposal to replace the BEN-MY-CHREE by 2020/21 with a new 140m long vessel designed to carry around 800 passengers.  When that vessel enters service it is planned that BEN-MY-CHREE will be relegated to providing backup duties as third ship to the new vessel and MANANNAN.

The result of the vessel replacement project is MANXMAN which is currently under construction in Korea.


STENA VINGA. As-built she was based on the design of BEN-MY-CHREE and the slightly larger COMMODORE CLIPPER, but has since had an additional vehicle deck added over what was her weather deck. Stena Line.

Technical Data

Side profile drawing of BEN-MY-CHREE as rebuilt. Copyright © Steven Tarbox




IMO Number


Building Yard

Van der Giessen-de Noord, Krimpen aan den IJsell (near Rotterdam), The Netherlands.

Yard Number


Keel laid

28th October 1997


4th April 1998


3rd July 1998


Lloyds Register of Shipping

Conversion – Yard (month/year)

•  Additional passenger module added – North Western Ship Repairers (6th Jan – 5th Feb 2004)

In service (Freight mode)

July 1998

In service (Passenger service)

4th August 1998


Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

Call sign


Length overall


Length (b.p.)




Draught (loaded)


Gross Tonnage (as built)


Gross Tonnage (present)



•  2 x MaK 9M32 diesel engines running at 600 rpm reduced to 160 RPM at the shaft via twin reduction gearboxes.  Each engine develops 5,873bhp.

•  2 x Controllable Pitch Propellers.

•  2 x LIPS 900kW forward tunnel thrusters, each with 4 blade variable pitch propellers.

•  2 x Leroy Somer shaft generators producing 1160kW each @1500 rpm.

•  Twin spade rudders.

•  Two fin stabilisers.  These are designed to reduce roll by up to 90% at service speed.

Power (Max)


Service speed


Capacity (As built)

•  332 passengers (500 max)

•  275 cars or 1235lm of freight

Capacity (Present)

•  500 passengers (636 max)

•  275 cars or 1235lm of freight

Vehicle deck configuration

Two vehicle decks (Deck 3 and 5), accessed by a single 12m wide stern ramp on deck 3 and a 3.35m wide hoistable internal ramp to deck 5.  4.9m clearance.

Onboard Facilities in use
  • Coast-to-Coast café
  • Legends café/bar
  • Ocean Avenue shop
  • Children’s play area
  • Lounge for passengers with dogs
  • Manannan Premium Lounge (Chargeable extra)
  • Niarbyl (Reserved Seating) Lounge (Chargeable extra)
  • 4-berth en-suite passenger cabins (Chargeable extra)
  • Manannan Executive Club Lounge (Annual membership required)
  • Outside deck
Flag (Current)

Isle of Man (UK 2nd Register), Douglas


The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company RoPax BEN-MY-CHREE. Isle of Man Steam Packet.

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