A Look Inside: Stena Line

“A Look Inside” Stena Line takes a look onboard some of the ferries operated by Stena Line to Northern Ireland and elsewhere.  In addition to the passenger ships we also cover some of the Ro-Ro freight ships.

  • STENA ESTRID rests at Holyhead before sailing back to Belfast that night, 26.06.2021. Image © Steven Tarbox.

    New Belfast to Holyhead ferry completes first weekend – we were onboard

    With the first weekend of sailings on Stena Line's new Belfast - Holyhead route completed, we take a look onboard the service.

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  • A look inside: Stena Adventurer (June 2021)

    See how Stena Adventurer looks inside following the latest upgrade to her passenger accommodation during 2020.

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  • "Making an Entrance". STENA ESTRID arrives off Dublin Port on her third day of service, 15.01.2020. © Gordon Hislip.

    Stena Estrid – A First Look Inside Stena Line’s New Holyhead to Dublin Ferry

    Take a look inside Stena Line's brand new Holyhead - Dublin ferry 'Stena Estrid'. Read about her facilities and see photographs of all the passenger spaces.

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  • STENA EUROPE, October 2019. Copyright © Scott Mackey.

    A Look Inside: Stena Europe (October 2019) | Stena Line

    See how Stena Europe looks inside and outside following her return to Stena Line’s Fishguard - Rosslare ferry route after a life-extending refit.

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  • STENA FORECASTER. Copyright© Scott Mackey.

    A Look Inside: Stena Forecaster | Stena Line

    Join us for a look around inside Stena Line's Belfast to Liverpool Ro-Ro freighter Stena Forecaster.

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  • STENA FORERUNNER. Copyright © Scott Mackey

    A Look Inside: Stena Forerunner

    STENA FORERUNNER is the temporary dedicated Belfast to Birkenhead freight vessel.  She is one of three Stena 4-Runner MkII freight vessels built for Stena RoRo in China.  In these pictures we get a rare glimpse inside a vessel which normally only gets seen by freight drivers and her own crew.  

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  • Approaching the open stern door of STENA SCOTIA at VT1, Belfast. Copyright © Scott Mackey.

    A Look Inside: Stena Line’s ro-ro freight ferry Stena Scotia

    A look inside Stena Line's Ro-Ro Freighter Stena Scotia, which has recently returned to the Belfast - Heysham service from the North Sea.

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  • View of the Stena Plus premium lounge. This is located in the same location on deck 7 as were the Met Bar is on Stena Superast VII/VIII.

    A look inside: Stena Superfast X

    A look inside Stena Line's Dublin - Holyhead ferry STENA SUPERFAST X. All photos on this page were taken during a return crossing when the ship was on relief duties between Belfast and Cairnryan. Includes deck plan.

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  • Stena Hibernia drivers lounge. Copyright © Scott Mackey

    A look inside: STENA HIBERNIA

    A series of images taken onboard the Stena Line Irish Sea freighter STENA HIBERNIA by Scott Mackey.  

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  • STENA PRECISIONLounge area. Copyright © Scott Mackey

    A look inside: Stena Line’s Irish Sea freight vessel STENA PRECISION

    A series of images taken onboard the Seatruck-owned Stena Line Irish Sea freighter STENA PRECISION, sister-ship of STENA PERFORMER, SEATRUCK POWER, and SEATRUCK PROGRESS.  Includes accommodation as well as freight decks and wheelhouse photographs.

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  • Stena Lagan, alongside VT2, Belfast. Viewed from the freight yard at VT2. Taken following a visit to Stena Lagan on 2nd November 2015. With many thanks to Captain Stephen Millar for his hospitality.

    A Look Inside: Stena Lagan visit, 2/11/15

    Having been invited aboard by Senior Master, Captain Stephen Millar, I boarded the Stena Lagan on a bright November afternoon with my companion for the visit, Scott Mackey, passing a very full looking Stena Performer berthed at VT1. After introducing ourselves at the guest services desk in the lobby, we were escorted to the crew quarters by the Chief Officer in order to meet Captain Millar. After coffee in the tidy and modern looking crew mess area, we joined Captain Millar on the bridge. I am still taken aback by how spacious the bridges on these modern vessels are compared to the older generations! Captain Millar is certainly very knowledgeable and experienced, and was only too happy to talk about…

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  • Stena Mersey pictured from Stena Lagan in July 2015, as both ships reach the half-way point of their journeys, off the Isle of Man. Copyright © Steven Tarbox

    A Look Inside: STENA MERSEY (July 2014)

    All pictures were taken onboard during July 2014 and are © Copyright NIFerrySite unless otherwise stated.  Click the images to view a larger version. Stena Mersey entrance lobby with guest services desk. The onboard shop is to the left of the picture.  © Niferrysite A view showing part of the onboard shop on Stena Mersey. The shop sells a selection of items including but not limited to Fragrances (some good deals when I was onboard), sweets, souvenirs and gifts, and travel essentials. The member of crew manning the shop seemed very knowledgable and keen to offer assistance in choosing fragrances. The shop itself Faces Guest services © NIFerrySite This view is of Teen Town and the exterior of the Cinema. Again…

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