Image of Le Rif being towed a “false alarm”.

The former Galloway Princess / Stena Galloway is still in Morocco.

The image of the former IMTC ferry Le Rif (ex Galloway Princess, Stena Galloway) being towed last month, which caused many (including NIFS) to believe she may be on her final journey, appears to have been a false alarm.  As recently as yesterday (15/8/15) she has been spotted at Tangier Med II.  It appears, therefore, that Le Rif was simply being moved within the port last month, rather than being towed to either further operations, or as thought, to a beach for dismantling / recycling.  It has been reported by some sources that Le Rif has been sold to interests based in Dubai, however this has not yet been confirmed.  As reported by NIFS a few days ago, former fleet mate and part-sister ship Ibn Batouta (ex St Christopher. Stena Antrim) has left Algeciras under the tow of tug Brucoli, with a reported destination of Durres (Albania).

(Image credit: Stena Galloway. Copyright © Gary Andrews, used with permission.)