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Enthusiasts Groups

Ferries! Facebook Group
One of the largest ferry news communities on the Internet. Ferries! is a fast-growing and busy Facebook group set up and managed by NI Ferry Site for global ferry news and discussion.

Northern Ireland Shipping Facebook Group
Facebook group set up and managed by NI Ferry Site as a sister to the main website for news, discussion, and sharing photographs of Ferries in Northern Ireland only.

Other Ferry Websites

Irish Ferries Enthusiasts

The forum is probably the best of its type to discuss ferries operating across the whole of Ireland, and the main website itself contains information about ferries across the whole of Ireland, past and present.  There are a few very active members (including some of the NI Ferry Site contributors) who are constantly posting and discussing (as well as speculating about) the latest happenings in the ferry industry across the whole of the island of Ireland (and beyond).

Dover Ferry Photos

One of the best ferry-related websites on the net.  Particularly of interest to those interested in ferries beyond the Dover Strait is the past and present section, which contains a wealth of information and photographs (many unique to the site).  In recent years the site has expanded beyond ferries into cruise ships and cargo vessels.

Ferries of Tasmania

Mitchell’s site is dedicated to the ferries that have sailed on the Bass Strait, between the island of Tasmania and mainland Australia. Displaying histories, photos and stories of the ships before, during and after their time on the Strait.  Also has a selection of ferry photos from Mitchell’s visits to Europe.

HHV Ferry Page and Blog
An extensive resource mainly focused on ferries in the Mediterranean and Dover Strait.  The deck plans section is the most comprehensive of its type (and also contains many general arrangement plans which are particularly useful for model builders).  The blog is interesting and contains many pictures not seen elsewhere.

Bruce Peter’s blog
As well as being an academic at the Glasgow School of Art, Bruce is also a design and maritime journalist for Shippax.  Bruce has written a number of books about ferries (in both English and Danish), maritime design, and architecture for a number of publishers.  His blog (although now not updated for a while) is focussed on both shipping and architecture/design and so is of particular interest to those of us with an interest in design.

Fakta om Fartyg
Fakta om Fartyg (Facts about ferries) is a huge database of ferry facts and specifications, referred to by some as the online ferry ‘bible’.  Although it is written in Swedish the author Micke Asklander has provided a list of common words in English and it is straight forward enough to make sense of much of the information.  If not there is always Google translate!

Ferry Site (dk)
A similar idea to Fakta om Fartyg but far from a copy.  Despite being based in Denmark this site is written in English.

Paxpix – Søren Lund Hviid’s site is billed as not just another maritime photos webiste. Paxpix is about capturing the aesthetics of ships, especially in relation to their surroundings.

Matkustajalaivat – Long-running Finnish based ferry site.

Blog of Finnish maritime historian, writer, and photographer Kalle Id.  Lots of photos and articles, with a particular emphasis on the Baltic.  Kalle has written a number of books and articles in both English and Finnish about ferries and shipping.

Photographer’s Flickr pages

Scott Mackey‘s Flickr Page
Scott is an avid photographer and ferry enthusiast and often updates his site with new photos of ferries from the Irish Sea and elsewhere.  As well as the normal pictures of the exterior of the ships, Scott also has many of the interiors.  Scott’s photos feature extensively throughout this website.

Alan Geddes‘ Flickr Page

Andrew Orr’s Flickr Page[email protected]/

Das Boot 160

Photographer’s Websites

Gordon Hislip

Gordon Hislip is a maritime photographer specialising photography which records shipping operations in the Irish Sea, with a keen focus on the ferry and ro-ro sector.  Gordon’s work can not only be seen on NI Ferry Site, but also in a number of industry publications and an annual calendar.

Maritime Photographic
Gary Davies is a Solent-based photographer and writer best known for his striking nautical images.  More than 5,000 of his photographs have been published in a miscellanea of newspaper, shipping, defence, and enthusiast titles.

Ricks ship photos

Ferry Operators

Stena Line
One of the largest ferry operators in the world, Stena Line operate services between Belfast – Cairnryan (Loch Ryan Port) and Belfast -Liverpool (Birkenhead).  They allso operate a freight only service between Belfast and Heysham.

P&O Ferries
A major operator of UK ferries, P&O Ferries operate the service between Larne and Cairnryan.

Seatruck Ferries
Operate the freight (and limited passenger vehicle) service between Warrenpoint and Heysham.

Rathlin Island Ferry Company
Operate the passenger and vehicle services between Ballycastle and Rathlin Island.

Scenic Lough Foyle Ferry
Operator of the seasonal cross-Foyle service between Magilligan Point (Co. Londonderry) and Greencastle (Co. Donegal) using FRAZER MARINER (the former German cross-river ferry BERNE FARGE.

Kintyre Express
Operate the seasonal service between Ballycastle and Campbelltown/Port Ellen.

Scenic Carlingford Ferry
Operate the service between Greencastle (Co.Down) and Greenore (Co. Louth) using the former cross-Foyle ferry AISLING-GABRIELLE (former FOYLE VENTURE).

Friends of NI Ferry Site

Links to some local businesses and organisations.

William McKay and Sons
Small family run chandlers that has been delivering stores and supplies to the ships in Belfast, Dublin, and Rosslare for many years.

Rathlin Community Website

A resource for both the Rathlin island community and its visitors.

HMS Caroline

(NMRN page)

HMS Caroline has been moored in Belfast since 1924, and is the last remaining floating survivor of the 1916 Battle of Jutland of which around 250 vessels took part.  She is now fully restored and a top-rated tourist attraction.  Tickets purchased online are discounted by up to 20%.

Specialisterne NI

Specialisterne NI is a specialist consultancy that recruits and supports talented people with Autism, Aspergers, or communication difference in the workplace. They work with people who may have a diagnosis of Autism or Aspergers, or who can find communication in the workplace difficult.

The Spectrum Centre
The Spectrum Centre is the only independent service in Ireland offering diagnosis, assessment and intervention for children, adolescents and adults in relation to autistic spectrum disorders and associated difficulties, such as ADHD, dyslexia, speech & language difficulties.

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