New Dover to Calais Ferry Starts Second Phase of Delivery Voyage

The new DFDS Calais ferry, CÔTE D’OPALE, left Singapore at around 07:15 local time today with a destination of Galle (Sri Lanka). The ship had arrived there on June 2 in order to take on stores and bunkers for the rest of her journey.


Some 50 pallets of supplies were loaded onboard the ship whilst alongside. As a consequence of stricter Covid-19 rules being implemented recently, port staff were not allowed to board the vessel. This meant that the crew of CÔTE D’OPALE had to accept, disinfect, and distribute the goods without any assistance.

A small truck carrying supplies for DFDS’s CÔTE D’OPALE arrives beside the ship at Singapore. Image:DFDS.

The majority of CÔTE D’OPALE’s delivery crew has been supplied by Northern Marine (a Stena subsidiary), though there are two DFDS crew onboard as well.

Workers with a pallet of supplies just before lifting onboard CÔTE D’OPALE at Singapore. Image: DFDS.

In common with the other Stena E-Flexer class vessels delivered so far, CÔTE D’OPALE is expected to take an armed guard onboard at Galle as a deterrent to pirates. The ship will then proceed through the Suez Canal before completing her journey to Europe.

A pallet of supplies is lifted onboard CÔTE D’OPALE at Singapore. COVID-19 rules meant that port workers were unable to board the vessel. Image: DFDS.

Introduction to Service

CÔTE D’OPALE expected to arrive at Dover at around the end of this month. She will then conduct berthing trials at Dover, Calais and Dunkerque. The vessel is currently registered in Cyprus, but will be moved to French flag before entering service.

DFDS’s CÔTE D’OPALE seen alongside at Singapore were she took on supplies for the rest of her voyage to Europe. Image: DFDS.

Following final preparations and crew training, CÔTE D’OPALE is expected to make her maiden commercial voyage between Dover and Calais during July.