PR: NI Ferry Enthusiasts visit Stena Superfast VII at Harland & Wolff.

Pictured with Stena Superfast VII in dry dock at Harland and Wolff are Capt Alistair McCarlie (Senior Master), enthusiasts and photographers Steven Tarbox, Marty McVicker and Ross McDonald. Copyright © Scott Mackey.

Stena Line were delighted to welcome 5 members of the NI Ferry Enthusiasts to Dry Dock today Monday 20th March at Harland and Wolff. Diane Poole OBE Head of PR and Communications said

“Stena Line welcomed this group to have a behind the scenes look at Superfast VII in Dry Dock and were welcomed onboard by Senior Master Alistair McCarlie who had great pleasure in showing them some of the work that goes on during Dry Dock. The group had freedom to ask questions , take pictures and share them on their relevant channels.”

“It was great to be able to visit Harland and Wolff to get a better sense of what goes on when a vessel such as Stena Superfast VII is dry docked, and fantastic to be able to ask questions and get answers from someone as knowledgeable as Senior Master A McCarlie. I would like to say thank you to everyone at Harland and Wolff and Stena Line who made our visit possible.” Steven Tarbox NI Ferry Enthusiasts.

Image:  Pictured with Stena Superfast VII in dry dock at Harland and Wolff are Capt Alistair McCarlie (Senior Master), and Steven Tarbox, Marty McVicker and Ross McDonald of NI Ferry Enthusiasts.  Copyright © Scott Mackey.

STENA FORERUNNER. Copyright © Scott Mackey

A Look Inside: Stena Forerunner

STENA FORERUNNER is the temporary dedicated Belfast to Birkenhead freight vessel.  She is one of three Stena 4-Runner MkII freight vessels built for Stena RoRo in China.  In these pictures we get a rare glimpse inside a vessel which normally only gets seen by freight drivers and her own crew.  

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