Sailing/weather information, 16th October 2017

By: Steven Tarbox
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Stena Superfast VIII. Taken in the North Channel from Stena Superfast VII. © 2015 Steven Tarbox/niferrysite.
Stena Superfast VIII. Taken in the North Channel from Stena Superfast VII. © 2015 Steven Tarbox/niferrysite.

As has been widely reported in the media, what is left of  Hurricane Ophelia is expected to hit the UK and Ireland on Monday 16th October ’17.  A severe weather warning has already been issued, with the NI Weather and Flood Advisory Service issuing Red and Amber weather warnings and the Met Office an Amber weather warning.  As this is expected to be one of the worst storms in recent years, with the coast of Ireland and Northern Ireland expected to be the most badly hit area with winds of up to 80mph predicted, it is likely that there will be disruption to ferry and airline travel as well as potential problems with road and rail links.  If you are intending to travel at the start of the week NIFS advise that you check regularly with your chosen operator and allow additional time to get to the port.  People travelling via the Cairnryan Ports or Birkenhead should also bear in mind that their are already delays on the approach roads to both ports due to road works.  For the latest information please contact your ferry operator directly using the methods below or details on your bookings.

At present (8am BST) sailings to and from the Cairnryan ports are not subject to delays or cancellations, however this may change so please check with your chosen operator if you have plans to travel. Stena Line sailings between Belfast and Birkenhead have been cancelled for today, but are currently scheduled to operate tomorrow according to their online ferry check service.  Further south, all sailings between Dublin and Holyhead have been cancelled for today with the exception of Irish Ferries Ulysses 20:55 departure from Dublin which is “in doubt”.

For the most up to date information please check with your chosen operator:

Passengers booked with P&O Ferries can find the latest travel information and weather updates on their Weatherline on 01304 448866.

Passengers booked with Stena Line can find the latest pre-recorded information on 08705 755 755 when travelling from the UK or +353 (0)1 907 5300 when travelling from Ireland.

P&O Ferries Twitter feed

 Stena Line Twitter feed

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