Site news and update for 9/6/15

By: Steven Tarbox
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Pride of Ailsa. Photograph Copyright © Scott Mackey.

Good Evening everyone, update time again!

After a long days work, a number of the previous (mostly performance) issues with the site now seem to be resolved. We have switched to a new colour scheme as well as a new theme – the Inkness Theme by InkHive giving the site a new look. The appearance may change a little over the coming days as feedback comes in, but the overall structure shall remove the same. There has also been a change in the database structure and particularly the “permalinks”. This should make bookmarking and sharing easier, as well as allowing search engines to index the correct pages. Finally, some further pictures and text have been added to the now updated Former NI ferries page (which is now in a new category called features), and I have also started writing the individual posts for a number of former favourites. This should fill up the in waters new and gone but not forgotten categories nicely.

Image:  Pride of Ailsa. Copyright © Scott Mackey.

Polite notice: While we welcome our articles being shared, we request that links to this website are provided rather than other approaches. Thank you (NI Ferry Site team).

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