Site update 19/02/2014 and 20/02/2014 (and a disaster)

Due to changing of a few settings I managed to break the permalinks feature in WordPress thus corrupting the entire site.  No amount of trying to force a reset of the cache in the database or clearing and modifying the htaccess file would get the site back up (the site was totally inaccessible apart from via ftp) so I had to wipe and start afresh!  As a result some of the previously implemented features such as ship AIS, cruise ship listings, and some of the videos in the vessel articles have not been re-implemented yet, however the bulk of the site text was backed up on my hard drive and so this has already been restored.

The following where my original updates, items striked through have yet to be re-implemented

  • Switched WordPress theme back to responsive as Prana was not displaying very well on mobile devices.  This also seems to have improved site responsiveness.
  • Stena Superfast profile added.  This was a major work for me and involved many hours of research – this is not a copy and paste of technical specifications from other sites (which some other sites seem to do) and all of the text has been written from scratch.  I expect to add to this in the coming weeks.
  • Added a news update about the former Stena Navigator.
  • Added a contact page
  • Existing posts retagged and sorted into more appropriate categories.
  • Tidy up of manually added code (No longer required due to rebuilt site)
  • Setup facebook page at
  • Registered the domain name and transferred site across. (The rebuilt site databases also point to this domain instead of the public_http directory on the server where the site is housed.)

I still have to implement the following in order to get the site to where it was before being corrupted:

  • Add video and photographs to the Fleetwood Three obituary article.
  • Implement contact page.
  • Re-code the AIS page.
  • Add detailed descriptions to the links on the links page.
  • Add the cruise ship calls page.
  • Add the operators and routes page.

Steven Tarbox

Steven is a former retail professional and a ferry writer and photographer. He created NI Ferry Site as a web design project in 2014 to be a news and information source for everyone with an interest in ferries, with a particular focus on Northern Ireland. Steven is the editor of the website and looks after all of the technical aspects.
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