[Updated] Stena Line 2022 Fleet Moves – Part 3 –Irish Sea

(Updated to include revised plans for Rosslare – Cherbourg refit cover).

In our final look at Stena Line’s 2022 fleet moves, we visit the Irish Sea.

Unlike the North Sea in Part 1 and Baltic / Scandinavia in Part 2, there is much less change expected on the Irish Sea.

STENA NORDICA from the Karlskrona – Gdynia route will be the Irish Sea refit cover this year.  The ex-EUROPEAN AMBASSADOR will leave her normal route on 11 February to take up her overhaul duties.   Replacing the STENA NORDICA on the Polish crossing will be the STENA GOTHICA

Please note, dates and information is provided in good faith, based on reliable information.  However, given the nature of ship refits, all details are subject to change.  Please make enquiries before relying on any of this information.

Stena Nordica swings of the berth at Belfast VT4N as she starts another crossing to Cairnryan. She was covering for STENA SUPERFAST VIII which was in Belfast Dry Dock for routine maintenance. March 9th 2019. Copyright © Steven Tarbox.

Belfast – Cairnryan


Both of the regular North Channel ships will have short refits at Harland and Wolff, Belfast this year.

STENA SUPERFAST VII will be out of service from 14 to 18 February.  Meanwhile, STENA SUPERFAST VIII will have her short maintenance period from 18 to 23 February.

STENA SUPERFAST VII at a previous Harland & Wolff Dry-docking. Image: Scott Mackey.

Belfast – Birkenhead

STENA EDDA and STENA EMBLA are not currently due to refit in the early part 2022.

Although subject to confirmation, it is believed that STENA FORETELLER will overhaul in March.  Refit cover is currently expected to be provided by sistership STENA FORECASTER.  The Stena RoRo controlled STENA FORECASTER’s charter to P&O Ferries is believed to be ending in the Spring.

STENA FORETELLER departing Rosslare for Cherbourg 26 May 2021. Image: Gordon Hislip.

Dublin – Holyhead

STENA ESTRID and STENA ADVENTURER swapped schedules on 26 December 2021.  This put ‘Estrid on mornings and evenings ex Dublin and ‘Adventurer on the reverse schedule from Holyhead.

The decision was based on putting increased passenger capacity on key Dublin departures for the post-Christmas and New Year passenger traffic ex Dublin.  Thanks to the travel restrictions in place at the time, this probably proved unnecessary.  Stena will be hoping the usually significant Rugby traffic in early February can run normally and make use of this capacity.

The current plan is for the two ships to switch back to their “normal” schedules after the STENA ADVENTURER’s overhaul

The refit of the STENA ADVENTURER will be at Cammell Laird, Birkenhead from 7 to 24 March.   STENA NORDICA will take her place on the Dublin – Holyhead route.

STENA NORDICA will remain on the Dublin – Holyhead route until around 9/10 April to allow the STENA ESTRID to cover the Rosslare – Cherbourg route in place of the STENA HORIZON. Having completed Irish Sea overhaul duties, it is not yet clear if the ‘Nordica will return to the Polish service or whether there are other plans for her.

STENA EUROPE at the Ship Repair Quay, Harland and Wolff, Belfast. Image: Scott Mackey

Rosslare – Fishguard

STENA EUROPE will refit at A&P, Falmouth from 24 February to 5 March.

STENA NORDICA will provide cover.  Industry information continues to suggest that STENA NORDICA will become the permanent Fishguard ship in the next twelve months.

STENA HORIZON arriving at Rosslare 4 December 2021. Image: Gordon Hislip.

Rosslare – Cherbourg

As previously covered in our latest Market Report, SEATRUCK PANORMA joined the Cherbourg route on 20 December.  She replaced the STENA VINGA.

STENA HORIZON is expected to refit from approximately 26 March to 9 April.  It is not yet clear if this will take place at Falmouth or Belfast.

STENA ESTRID will operate on the Rosslare – Cherbourg route during this period, as shown on the Port of Cherbourg website. The STENA ESTRID is no stranger to the French route having spent a period operating there in the first half of 2021.

SEATRUCK PANORAMA in Belfast Lough. Image: David Faerder.
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