Stena Line and P&O Ferries North Channel maintenance 2018

By: Steven Tarbox
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STENA SUPERFAST VII during her 2017 dry-docking. Copyright Steven Tarbox
STENA SUPERFAST VII during her 2017 dry-docking. Copyright Steven Tarbox. Taken during a visit by NI Ferry Enthusiasts

Stena Line and P&O Ferries will take their Cairnryan vessels out of service for scheduled maintenance and annual survey work during January and May respectively this year.  With all 4 vessels having received extended attention at dry dock last year it is only necessary to take them out of service for a weekend each.

Update 11/01/18: Initially NIFS reported that all 4 vessels would only receive in-water surveys this year as this was the information available at the time.  However it is now understood that the Stena vessels will have a brief visit to Belfast dry dock for their surveys, while the P&O vessels are still expected to have in-water surveys at Larne.  At present it seems neither company will provide a cover vessel, with quiet weekends chosen in order to minimise the impact of having a vessel absent.

STENA SUPERFAST VIII will be taken out of service this coming Saturday (13/01/18) upon arrival at Belfast at 06:00, returning to service with the 11:30 from Belfast to Cairnryan the following day.  This means that on Saturday the 07:30 and 15:30 sailings from Belfast and 11:30 and 19:30 sailings from Cairnryan are cancelled.  The 19:30 sailing from Belfast (and 23:00 from Cairnryan) operated by STENA SUPERFAST VII is also cancelled to allow that vessel to cover her sisters important 23:00 sailing from Belfast.  The timetable for this coming Saturday then is as follows:

Stena Line Belfast – Cairnryan 13/01/18
Belfast departure Vessel Cairnryan departure Vessel
03:30 SSF 7 03:45 SSF8
07:30 SSF7
11:30 SSF7
 – 15:30 SSF7
23:00 SSF7

Next Saturday, 20th January, STENA SUPERFAST VII will be off service following her arrival in Belfast at 01:45, returning to service with the 07:30 sailing from Belfast the following day.  All sailings on 20th of January will be operated by STENA SUPERFAST VIII, with the timetable looking like this:

Stena Line Belfast – Cairnryan 20/01/18   
Belfast departure Vessel Cairnryan departure Vessel
03:45 SSF8
07:30 SSF8
11:30 SSF8
15:30 SSF8
19:30 SSF8
23:00 SSF8


P&O will have a revised timetable in operation over the weekends of 5th/6th May and 26th/27th May to allow EUROPEAN CAUSEWAY and EUROPEAN HIGHLANDER to be taken out of service.

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