Stena Performer / Stena Precision (Vessel Profile)

IMO Number: 9506227 / 9506239, Also known as: SEATRUCK PERFORMANCE / SEATRUCK PRECISION

Constructed by: Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG), Flensburg [DE] #751/752

Stena Precision, approaching Belfast. From Stena Nordica. Copyright © Steven Tarbox

Stena Precision, approaching Belfast. From Stena Nordica. Copyright © Steven Tarbox

Historical overview

STENA PERFORMER and STENA PRECISION are freight only ferries which where designed and built specifically to operate into Heysham port on behalf of Seatruck Ferries.  Due to the size of Heysham harbour, larger ships can not operate there, however the trend in recent years has been for vessels to get larger which has severely restricted the number of vessels which could operate in Heysham’s confines.

3D model of the FSG class. Courtesy of Seatruck Ferries.
3D rendering of the FSG class. Courtesy of Seatruck Ferries.

Built as Seatruck Performance and Seatruck PrecisionSTENA PERFORMER and STENA PRECISION are 2 of 4 identical “Roro 2200” design sister ships (known as the FSG class) designed and built for Seatruck by the Flensburger shipyard in Germany.  They are designed specifically to maximise space for vehicles inside their restricted size, whilst maintaining a shallow draught due to the harbour at Heysham being quite shallow (in fact the harbour needs to be dredged often in order to prevent it from becoming silted up).  Due to the way they are designed they can carry 20% more freight but with 10% less fuel consumption than the ships they replaced for Seatruck at Heysham (the P-series).  Formerly called Seatruck Precision and Seatruck Performance, the pair are on charter to Stena Line due to not being required by Seatruck, and are larger than the ships Stena previously operated to Heysham  STENA HIBERNIA and STENA SCOTIA.  In latter years one of STENA PERFORMER or STENA PRECISION usually operates with STENA HIBERNIA on the Heysham link, while the other operates as the third ship on the Birkenhead to Belfast route along with STENA LAGAN and STENA MERSEY.

Stena Precision in dry dock at Belfast's Harland & Wolff, 2017. Copyright © Scott Mackey.
Stena Precision in dry dock at Belfast's Harland & Wolff, 2017. Copyright © Scott Mackey.




IMO Number




Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft – FSG Roro 2200

Building Yard

Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG), Flensburg, Germany

Hull Number



Year Completed




Seatruck Ferries Ltd (Clipper Group)


Stena Line UK


Det Norske Veritas,+1A1, General Cargo Carrier Ro-Ro, E0, DG-P, TMON

In service (original)

23rd April 2012

June 2012

In service (Stena Line)

September 2012

September 2012

Call sign (Stena)



Length overall






Gross Tonnage



  • 2 x MAN 7L48/60-CR main engines – 8,000 kW each
  • 2 x MAN-Alpha VBS1180 propellers – 4.30 metres diameter 
  • 2 x Mitsubishi S12R-M(P)TA gensets – 840 kW each
  • 2 x Wartsila CT200 bow thrusters – 1,000 kW each
  • 2 x twist flow full spade rudders with Costa bulb
  • Flume tank stabilisation system
  • 1 x MAN D2866 LE203 11.9l emergency diesel generator engine

Power(Max/Pme  @ 75%)


Speed (Max/Operational)


Fuel consumption

63.59t/day @ 21kts (90% MCR)


12 drivers in 6 double berth cabins.  

21 crew (max 22 in 21 single crew cabins + 1 spare cabin).

Weather deck: 564 lm – open

Upper deck: 665 lm – 5.30 metres free height

Main deck: 661 lm – 5.30 metres free height

Tanktop deck: 276 lm – 5.00 metres free height

2166 lane metres total

Cargo Access

Stern loading only (main deck)

Fixed ramp from Main Deck to Tank top – 4.0 m wide (Total length of ramp cover – 48.7 m)
Fixed internal ramp from Main Deck to Upper Deck – 6.5m wide
Fixed ramp from Upper Deck to Weather Deck – 4.0 m wide


Isle of Man [UK 2nd Register] (Douglas)


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