Stena Superfast VII back in service tomorrow.

2 week dry docking finishing sightly early.

Stena Superfast VII is to return to service with tomorrows 19:30 sailing from Belfast to Cairnryan (Loch Ryan Port) according to the Stena Line booking website.  It had previously been expected that the Stena Nordica would continue to cover Stena Superfast VII until Monday morning with Stena Superfast VII returning on the 11:30 from Belfast.

Screenshot of the Stena Line booking website showing Stena Superfast VII back in service on Saturday the 25th of March.

Stena Superfast VII is the final vessel to be dry docked as part of Stena Line’ s Irish Sea dry docking programme for 2017, which sees a total of 9 vessels dry docked at Harland & Wolff in Belfast.  In addition to the normal maintenance tasks undertaken during a dry docking, some refurbishment of the passenger spaces onboard is taking place and the revised Stena Line livery is being applied.  Earlier this week members of the NI Ferry Enthusiasts Facebook group visited the vessel at the Belfast Dry Dock at the invitation of Stena Line.  A selection of photographs from that visit will appear on this site over the coming weekend.  If you are a member of the NI Ferry Enthusiasts group you can view many pictures taken on the day by our members already.

Stena Nordica arriving at Belfast from Cairnryan on her first day covering for the refit of Stena Superfast VIII. Copyright © Scott Mackey 2017.