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InCat are an Australian manufacturer of catamarans of up to 112m in length based in Hobart, Tasmania.  Previously known as International Catamarans, InCat build vessels of various sizes from passenger only river vessels to large passenger and vehicle carrying catamarans for both civilian and military use.  The most famous InCat manufactured vessels in UK waters are probably the former Hoverspeed “Seacat’s.  Stena’s Sea Lynx’s, P&O’s EXPRESS, Isle of Man Steam Packet’s MANANNAN and Snaefell, and Brittany Ferries NORMANDIE EXPRESS are also examples of InCat vessels which have operated in UK waters.

  • Ferry NewsAustal Philippines has delivered the second of two 118 metre trimarans for Fred. Olsen Express; the Bañaderos Express, from the company’s shipyard in Balamban, Cebu. Image: Austal Philippines

    Fred. Olsen Express Takes Delivery of New Trimaran Ferry

    Austal Philippines has handed over a second 118m trimaran fast-ferry to Fred. Olsen Express, just days after Incat delivered a catamaran to rival Armas.

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  • Ferry NewsIncat 093, VOLCÁN DE TAIDÍA, on sea trials prior to her delivery to Naviera Armas. Image: Incat.

    Armas Takes Delivery of Second 111-Metre Incat Fast-Ferry

    Incat has delivered hull 093, Volcán de Taidia, to Naviera Armas. The catamaran has already left for its new home on the Canary Islands.

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  • Ferry NewsNORMANDIE EXPRESS. Image: Brittany Ferries,

    Brittany Ferries’ Normandie Express Joins Condor Ferries

    Brittany Ferries fast craft NORMANDIE EXPRESS is to transfer to Condor Ferries. She will be renamed CONDOR VOYAGER

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  • Ferry NewsHoverspeed Great Britain pictured in New York before her record breaking crossing of the Atlantic. InCat.

    [PR] Incat Tasmania celebrates holding Transatlantic Record for 30 years

    Thirty years ago this week, 'Hoverspeed Great Britain', captured the Hales Trophy for the fastest Tranasatlantic voyage, a record held by Incat craft ever since.

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  • Isle of Man Steam Packet CompanyManannan departing Belfast. Copyright © Scott Mackey.

    Manannan | Isle Of Man Steam Packet

    Profile of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company catamaran fast-ferry MANANNAN. Includes an overview of her history, technical specifications, and photos.

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  • Ferry InformationSNAEFELL captured arriving in Belfast on July 4th 2008. Copyright © Alan Geddes.

    Master Jet (ex Seacat Isle of Man / Snaefell)

    Master Jet Fast Facts Current Name: Master JetPrevious Names: MASTER JET, SEA EXPRESS 1, COLOR SEACAT NORGE, SEACAT BOULOGNE, SARDEGNA EXPRESS, HOVERSPEED FRANCE.Shipyard: InCat Tasmania Pty Ltd., Hobart [AU] #26, IMO Number: 8900012Current Operator: AtlânticolineCurrent Route: Length Overall: Beam: Passenger Capacity: 450Vehicle Capacity: 84 carsTonnage: Sister-ships: N/A The 2nd of Hoverspeed’s 5 74m “Seacat” car carrying catamarans was built by International Catamarans (InCat) in Australia and launched as Hoverspeed France on April 28th 1990.  Despite being hull number 26, she was launched some months before hull 23 (Seacat Tasmania), but 3 months after hull 25 (Hoverspeed Great Britain).   All 5 of these “SeaCat” vessels where built to the same “Mark 1” design and specification, with a further 4 built afterwards for other operators to…

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  • In Waters NewHoverspeed Great Britain pictured crossing the Dover Strait.

    HIGH SPEED JET (ex Hoverspeed Great Britain, InCat 025)

    Hoverspeed Great Britain was the first of Hoverspeeds 74m long car-carrying catamarans, dubbed "SeaCat"'s. Find out more here.

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  • BlogHSC Express. Copyright © Scott Mackey.

    The end of an era: Goodbye to P&O’s HSC Express.

    P&O Ferries Express has completed her final sailing for the company, also potentially the final fast-craft sailing between Scotland & Northern Ireland

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  • Ferry NewsExpress passing Ballylumford power station, Easter Monday 2015. Copyright © Gary Andrews.

    P&O’s Express sold for operation in the Baltic

    Larne to Troon vessel leaving for a new career in Scandinavia Respected industry source Shippax information have published the news that the current Larne to Troon vessel HSC Express has been sold to a company called Nordic HSC, based in Sweden.  Current owners Buquebus had been looking for a buyer following P&O’s decision not to renew their long running charter for the craft. It is intended that Express will operate between the island of Gotland and the Swedish mainland.  She will be delivered to the now owners next autumn, when she will undergo a refit and crew familiarisation prior to entering service in summer 2016.  It is intended that she will be registered in Sweden, and will employ Swedish officers.…

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  • Local (NI) ferry newsThe Steam Packet have announced that less sailings will probably be available during next years Isle of Man TT due to P&O returning HSC Express to her owners. Manannan, the regular vessel linking Northern Ireland with the Isle of Man, © Steven Tarbox

    Sailings to next years Isle of Man TT set to be reduced, despite record visitors this year.

    No additional vessel available during the Isle of Man TT races The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company (IOMSPCo) have announced that they are currently set to offer fewer sailings to the Isle of Man during next years TT racing season. This is due to P&O’s decision not to extend the charter of their fast craft Express, as reported earlier this month. In recent years IOMSPCo have sub-chartered Express from P&O to provide additional sailings to the Isle of Man during this peak period, departing to Douglas from P&O’s Larne port rather than the regular IOMSPCo port of Belfast.  This news comes on the back of an announcement that visitor numbers arriving by ferry during the races where at their highest since…

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  • In Waters NewHoverspeeds 4th Seacat vessel, Seacat Danmark, pictured in Dover

    Seacat Danmark | Former SeaCat Ferry

    Seacat Danmark (also known as Golden Blaze,  Zara Jet, Pescara Jet, SeaCatamaran Danmark, Hoverspeed Boulogne, Hoverspeed Belgium) The 4th and final but one of Hoverspeed’s 74m “Seacat” car carrying catamarans built by International Catamarans (InCat) in Australia, was launched as SEACAT BELGIUM on February 15th 1991.  All 5 of these vessels where built to the same “Mark 1” design and specification, with a further 4 built afterwards for other operators to modified specifications. SEACAT BELGIUM commenced service on the 18th of March 1992 between Dover and Calais/Boulogne having been renamed HOVERSPEED BOULOGNE.  On April 11th 1992 she moved to inaugurate the new Folkestone to Boulogne route, where she stayed until she moved to the North Channel in April 1993 to operate between Belfast…

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    Naxos Jet (ex Seacat Scotland) | Seajets

    SEACAT SCOTLAND was 5th and final of Hoverspeed's 74m "Seacat" car carrying catamarans built by International Catamarans (InCat) in Australia. She was launched on the 29th October 1991 and inaugurated the new Belfast - Stranraer service on 1st of June 1992.

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