Temporary unavailability of some pictures

By: Steven Tarbox
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Due to continued theft of his work, Scott Mackey has taken the very difficult decision to make his flickr albums private.  The alternative to this was to delete all 6 years of work and 10,000+ photographs, effectively taking the vast majority of his work offline.

As a result of this decision (which I fully support) the pictures on this site which are linked to flickr will no longer work.  I hope to restore these pictures over the coming week, and Scott has kindly agreed that his work can be continued to be displayed on this site.  However, I will be adding a (subtle) central watermark to all pictures uploaded to the site from now on as theft of digital images is a big problem for many photographers at present, with unauthorised reproductions being sold on eBay for example.  Unfortunately watermarking on the edges of the frame has proven ineffective as many photographers work continues to be reproduced without authorisation with the watermark cropped out of the image.  In order to continue to display photographs on websites it is becoming increasingly necessary to take such measures.

Most photographers are happy to provide copies of their images on request either free of charge or for a small fee, and I would urge all visitors of this site to support photographers rather than try to pirate images or acquire them through shady eBay sellers.  If you would like a copy of any of the images displayed on this site for your own use, please use the contact link in the main menu and I will either contact the photographer on your behalf or direct you to their personal website or Flickr account.  Please remember that all photographs are the property of the original photographer and it is their decision to share them publicly in whatever form they wish.

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