The ex Stena Galloway/Galloway Princess put up for sale.

Could the former Stena Galloway be heading for scrap?

Following the bankruptcy of her owners last year, the Le Rif (ex Stena Galloway, Galloway Princess) is to be sold at auction, the proceeds of which will be used to settle unpaid bills.  Bids are to start at 4.6 million Moroccan Dirham, equivalent to about £300k.  NIFerrySite believes that Le Rif suffered a major technical failure before she was laid up, and has deteriorated inside in the meantime with no-one to look after her.  Unfortunately, given the condition of the vessel and the low start price, her most likely buyer is probably a ship breaker.  Launched in 1980 as Galloway Princess, Le Rif was the first of the final 4 passenger ferries built by Harland and Wolff, and consequently also one of the final ships ordered by Sealink before privatisation.

EDIT: Click here to see the latest (as of July 2016) on the fate of Le Rif.

Title image: Stena Galloway. Copyright © Gary Andrews.