Vessel Profile: MV CANNA

Canna. Courtesy of the Department for Infrastructure (DFI).

Canna Introduction CANNA was the 7th of 8 island class vehicle and passenger ferries built to operate lifeline services to the Hebrides for Caledonian MacBrayne.  The island class design was by Burness Corlett, and based on that of a military landing craft.  The vessels are notable for lowering their ramps whilst still approaching the slipway.  This is to avoid grounding the shallow-draughted vessel and is possible due to the 2-stage folding action of the ramp itself.  When the ramp is deployed only the rearmost section lowers until it contacts the slipway.  The front section of the ramp then unfolds allowing vehicles and passengers to disembark. Prior to entering service between Ballycastle and Rathlin Island, CANNA had a varied career in Scottish waters.  She replaced her sister ship BRUERNISH on the Rathlin Island route in April 1997. In 2017 CANNA was replaced by the purpose-built SPIRIT OF RATHLIN after almost 20 years of unbroken service … Read more

Seacat Danmark | Former SeaCat Ferry

Hoverspeeds 4th Seacat vessel, Seacat Danmark, pictured in Dover

Seacat Danmark (also known as Golden Blaze,  Zara Jet, Pescara Jet, SeaCatamaran Danmark, Hoverspeed Boulogne, Hoverspeed Belgium) The 4th and final but one of Hoverspeed’s 74m “Seacat” car carrying catamarans built by International Catamarans (InCat) in Australia, was launched as SEACAT BELGIUM on February 15th 1991.  All 5 of these vessels where built to the same “Mark 1” design and specification, with a further 4 built afterwards for other operators to modified specifications. SEACAT BELGIUM commenced service on the 18th of March 1992 between Dover and Calais/Boulogne having been renamed HOVERSPEED BOULOGNE.  On April 11th 1992 she moved to inaugurate the new Folkestone to Boulogne route, where she stayed until she moved to the North Channel in April 1993 to operate between Belfast and Stranraer. In May 1993 she was again renamed, this time to SEACATAMARAN DANMARK, and moved to Scandinavia to operate between Fredrikshavn and Gothenburg.  However, due to ice she could … Read more

Naxos Jet (ex Seacat Scotland) | Seajets


SEACAT SCOTLAND was 5th and final of Hoverspeed’s 74m “Seacat” car carrying catamarans built by International Catamarans (InCat) in Australia. She was launched on the 29th October 1991 and inaugurated the new Belfast – Stranraer service on 1st of June 1992.