As The News and Information Ferry Site (NI Ferry Site) has grown, so to have the costs associated with the site. With an average of over 40,000 views per month (2018/19) and peaks far greater than that number, NI Ferry now costs well in excess of £1,000 per year to run. This is a cost that cannot be borne for something which is personally rather than commercially funded. While it may have been possible to secure sponsorship, doing this while remaining truly impartial may have proven difficult.

Since the morning of March 12 2019, this site has displayed adverts served from Google’s AdSense service. The purpose of these adverts is to cover the costs associated with keeping niferry.co.uk online as well as other costs associated with the site.

Adverts for gambling, cosmetic surgery, and get rich quick schemes should not be shown on the site. If they are, users are encouraged to report them to Google by clicking on the X displayed on the top right hand corner of the advert.  

Adsense is a pay per click service and so the site receives a small commission when a user actually clicks on an ad.  The Privacy Policy of the site reflects the addition of advertising and can be viewed here as always.

From time to time, ferry companies may offer to subsidise travel onboard their vessels or give us special access. In cases where we accept these offers, it is always on the condition that there is no expectation for us to publish a favourable review on this website or any of its associated social media channels, or to allow the company to approve what we publish in advance. We will also clearly declare near the beginning of any article that we were present at the invitation of the company.