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[Quick News] Former Sealink ferry Horsa sinking?

Reports from Greece indicate that the former Sealink ferry PENELOPE A (ex HORSA, STENA HORSA) is taking on water at her moorings in Greece and has developed a list of around 10 degrees. It is not yet apparent how the vessel is taking on water, but she has been abandoned since her arrest during 2014 following the collapse of her previous operator Agoudimos lines during 2012/13. Divers are in situ and it is understood a tug and heavy-lift floating crane are on their way. PENELOPE A was recently the subject of an auction starting at €800,000, but as of yet, the result is unknown. STENA HORSA left the Sealink fleet in February 1992 following the closure of her Folkestone – Boulogne route by new owners Stena Line on 31st December 1991. Sister-ship STENA HENGIST (ex HENGIST) provided cover on the Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead and Larne to Stranraer routes in early 1992 before she too was sold to Greek interests. As PANAGIA TINOU, HENGIST sank in Piraeus during April 2016 before being righted and refloated early the next year. She was towed to Turkey for demolition during March 2017.

The former HORSA was delivered to Sealink in July 1972 and spent most of the first 20 years of her life on the Folkestone – Boulogne route for which she was built for. She was one of three similar vessels built by Arsenal de Brest in France for Sealink and their French partners, the other vessels being HENGIST and SENLAC.

Source: https://www.mononews.gr/business/elefsina-se-klisi-10-miron-paroplismeno-ochimatagogo-plio-se-exelixi-epichirisi-tou-limenikou (in Greek)

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