Site update, 1st April

By: Steven Tarbox
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Just a few changes have been made to the site over the past week.

  • New “sailing updates” category added as a sub-category of news.  This is to keep the sailing updates from cluttering up other local news such as dry dockings, permanent timetable changes, or fleet movements.
  • New photographs added to Stena Mersey/Lagan page.  All photographs across the site are in the process of being refreshed and updated, including the site headers.
  • I have started the process of converting older pages to the newer format/layout (its a subtle change but makes the site a more uniform experience).
  • Welcome page changed to direct new users to the sites accompanying Facebook group for the latest sailing updates (and also inform people of the NI Ferries and Shipping Facebook group).
  • Netscripts SNAP (Social Network Auto Poster) plugin installed.  This will automatically publish any new content to our Facebook page, meaning it is always kept up to date.  Previously this was done manually which could be time consuming.
  • All site software and plugins have been updated to the latest versions.

I’m still in the process of going through all of the pictures from a recent trip on Stena Superfast VII.  I hope to add an interior gallery of Stena Superfast VII/VIII in the near future.

Update 2/4/15:

Stena Mersey and Lagan page reformatted due to an issue with some of the images covering the technical information section on some browsers.  An additional picture courtesy of Christopher Brindle was also added.

Polite notice: While we welcome our articles being shared, we request that links to this website are provided rather than other approaches. Thank you (NI Ferry Site team).

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