Tallink Reveals Interior Look Of New Tallinn – Helsinki Ferry

By: Gary Andrews
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MYSTAR artist impression. Image: Tallink
MYSTAR artist impression. Image: Tallink

Tallink Grupp has recently given a preview of how MYSTAR will look onboard.

The vessel is currently under construction at the Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) shipyard in Rauma, Finland.

The interior design of what is described by Tallink as “the eco-friendliest LNG-powered vessel on the Baltic Sea”, is being carried out by renowned Finnish interior design agency dSign Vertti Kivi & Co.

Commenting on the release of the interior images of MY STAR, Member of the Board of Tallink Grupp, Piret Mürk-Dubout said:

“We are very excited to invite everyone to take the first sneak-peak into the marvellous interior of our newest shuttle MYSTAR – our key strategic project we have been working on since autumn 2019.

Following the vessel’s christening and launch this summer, we are now at the exciting stage of the construction project where the novel traveller concepts and amazing interior elements of the vessel are starting to come to life area by area on board the vessel. 

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone onboard MYSTAR in 2022 to experience the new way to travel at sea and see for yourselves everything that is MSTAR – a floating entertainment and shopping centre to cater to the various needs of modern traveller.”

Tallink press release https://www.tallink.com/press-releases?1&article=165303303#tabs-content-1

Compared to the current flagship of Tallink’s fleet MEGASTAR, MYSTAR will have new public areas and the customer journey onboard has been designed to be even more seamless.

Altogether, MYSTAR has 14 public spaces.  Special areas and solutions have been created for passengers travelling with families, shoppers, business and leisure travellers alike.

Capturing the beauty of the Baltic Sea

Using various visuals and themes, the interior design showcases the Beauty of the Baltic Sea and calls upon each traveller to notice and cherish the uniqueness of the Baltic Sea, protect its environment and cultural heritage.

Commenting on the interior images of MYSTAR, Vertti Kivi, Head Designer and CEO, dSign Vertti Kivi & Co said:

“We chose Beauty of the Baltic Sea as the overarching theme for the interior design of the vessel – a story which is told by using exclusive underwater video and photo compilations throughout the vessel.

Every public area on the vessel conveys its unique character and atmosphere, which is created featuring various contrasting surface materials, new colour palette, furnishings created exclusively for the vessel as well as bold lighting solutions.

From the newly revealed visuals the spirit of MYSTAR can be truly felt. We are very pleased with the entire concept and proud to be able to take the interior design of the vessel to the new level and indeed, a new decade.”

Tallink press release https://www.tallink.com/press-releases?1&article=165303303#tabs-content-1

Shopping as a destination

Like any Baltic ferry, a centrepiece will be the onboard shopping experience. The Traveller Superstore, is said to “communicate a message of loving care and carries a boutique-like vibe”.

At the centre of the superstore, a new ‘discovery station’ is found, where sampling of products can be organised.

Passing through the store has been made very fluid for the shopper, thus allowing to discover throughout the customer journey, the various fixed and pop-up sales points, including the Nordic Corner, showcasing local products and design.  Throughout, major brands are featured.

Spring 2022 Introduction

The completion of Tallink’s newest shuttle vessel is planned for spring 2022, when MYSTAR will start operating between the capital cities of Tallinn and Helsinki. Together with Tallink shuttle vessel MEGASTAR, they will form what is described as “the most sustainable transport connection between Estonia and Finland” from 2022 onwards.

The exact timing of the entry into service of MYSTAR hasn’t yet been confirmed, but at a recent Tallink Investor presentation, it appears that we are looking late Spring, but before the Summer peak period.

YouTube video
MYSTAR build progress.

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