Want to keep up to date with the latest ferry news and discussion?  Why not join our Facebook Communities?

Summary: Why not join one or both of our Facebook communities and keep up with the latest ferry news, views, and discussion.

NI Ferry Site publishes just a fraction of the local and international ferry news and has no direct way of discussing stories.  Our sister Facebook Groups, “Ferries!” and “Northern Ireland Ferry (and Shipping) Enthusiasts”, however, were set up to cover as much news as possible as well as being places for discussion.  Often the news on NI Ferry Site will be published on the group’s first, sometimes days earlier as stories develop.

As its name suggests, “Northern Ireland Ferry (and Shipping) Enthusiasts” is for news, views, and discussion about not just ferries but all shipping in Northern Ireland.  The larger “Ferries!” group is an English language group concerned with all ferries and Ro-Ro vessels but with a truly international scope. Both groups welcome and encourage discussion and have members from around the world, ranging from those with just a casual interest in the industry or vessels themselves, to Industry Professionals and Senior Management.  

To join, you will need to be a member of Facebook. Simply click the link to the group(s) you want to join below and click the join button.  We’ll see you there!

Finally, for those wanting to be notified when there is an update to NI Ferry Site itself, you can join our email list which will automatically email you every time there is a new post!

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