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A look inside: SEATRUCK PACE

SEATRUCK PACE (formerly CLIPPER PACE) is one of four 142m long identical sister ships built by Astilleros de Huelva in Spain for Seatruck ferries.  She is the sister ship of SEATRUCK PANORAMA CLIPPER PENNANT, and CLIPPER POINT.  At the time of writing (January 2018) the Warrenpoint to Heysham service is operated by CLIPPER PENNANT and SEATRUCK PANORAMA.  SEATRUCK PACE herself current operates on the Dublin to Liverpool route, however Seatruck often switch vessels between routes depending on operational requirements.

For more information on this class of vessel please visit the dedicated page here.

SEATRUCK PACE taking on bunkers from MERSEY SPIRIT in Dublin. Copyright © Scott Mackey.
SEATRUCK PACE taking on bunkers from MERSEY SPIRIT in Dublin. Copyright © Scott Mackey.

The following images were taken onboard the Seatruck Irish Sea freighter SEATRUCK PACE by Scott Mackey and are Copyright © Scott Mackey.  Click the images to view a larger version.  You can view more images of SEATRUCK PACE (as well as images of many other ferries from around Europe) on Scott’s Flickr page.  With thanks Scott for the use of his images.

The above article is Copyright © Steven Tarbox, all rights reserved.  Unauthorised reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited.

With thanks to Scott Mackey for the use of his images.

Original article published: 19/01/18
updated:  20/01/18

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