[PR] P&O Ferries expects busiest booking week in years as one in two brits plan to holiday abroad this summer

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P&O Ferries SPIRIT OF FRANCE. P&O Ferries.
P&O Ferries SPIRIT OF FRANCE. P&O Ferries.

The vast majority of Brits are not going to let the lack of a coronavirus vaccine stop them going on holiday, according to new research.

P&O Ferries found that just eight per cent of the public said they would only travel overseas when a vaccine for Covid-19 was available.

The study also found that almost half of people in Britain are planning to travel abroad this summer (46%), mostly to mainland Europe, which was more than planned to have a domestic holiday (32%).

The results reflected the demand for holiday bookings reaching record levels, as the Government looked to relax travel restrictions and people are increasingly weary of lockdown.


Janette Bell, the Chief Executive of the 180-year-old ferry firm, said:

“After an extended period of low demand affecting all ferry operators, we are expecting our busiest week of holiday bookings for many years.”

“Obviously the safety of our passengers and crew is our top priority and we’ve overhauled the whole experience to ensure everyone feels safe and knows what they need to do to look after themselves and their family.”

P&O surveyed almost 14,000 people ending in late June and found that:

–  Half of people (49%) were planning to travel for leisure as much as in the previous year
–  Men are taking the lead when it comes to picking holidays post-lockdown – 23% of men said they made the choice but just 15% of women said it was their call, while 36% of men said it was a joint decision but less than half that number of women said the same
–  Kids get no say in holiday planning (0%)
–  Most people (58%) feel safe social distancing at one metre – if the Government says it is safe

Other safety measures the ferry firm has taken include: reducing passenger numbers to ensure social distancing; trained all employees on safety; increased cleaning; provided hand sanitiser; circulated only fresh air on board; and kept passengers updated on the latest guidance.

P&O Ferries is a leading pan-European ferry and logistics company, last year sailing 27,000 times on eight major routes between Britain, France, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Holland and Belgium. Together with its logistics business, P&O Ferrymasters, the company also operates integrated road and rail links to countries across the continent including Italy, Poland, Germany, Spain and Romania, and facilitates the onward movement of goods to Britain from Asian countries via the Silk Road.

Source: http://www.poferries.com/en/070720-po-ferries-expects-busiest-booking-week-in-years

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