Sherbatskiy, (ex Oleander, P&OSL Picardy, Pride of Bruges, Pride of Free Enterprise) beached.

Former Townsend Thoresen ferry Sherbatskiy has sailed for the last time.

It has been confirmed that the Sherbatskiy, having been hastily renamed Sher, was beached at Alang in India on 11/12/15.  Originally launched for Townsend Thoresen as the Pride of Free Enterprise, Sherbatskiy is perhaps best known as the final surviving sister of the ill fated Hearld of Free Enterprise.  Although the Herald herself was scrapped after she was salvaged, the inquest into the Zeebrugge disaster found that the design of the sisters was safe, and following modification the remaining two sisters continued to operate on the English Channel for some years under the P&O and P&O Stena brands.  The other sister, Spirit of Free Enterprise (which was the lead vessel in the class), was beached back in 2012 following service in Greece.  Following her sale by P&O, the then P&OSL Picardy operated for Trans Europa Ferries from Ramsgate to Ostend under the name Oleander, before moving to Mediterranean service under charter in 2010 before her sale in 2013 when TEF went bankrupt.

Title Image: Oleander approaches Ostend By Scillystuff (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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