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STENA VINGA. Stena Line.
STENA VINGA. Stena Line.

Stena Vinga Fast Facts

Current Name: Stena VingaPrevious Names: HAMMERODDE
Shipyard: B.V. Schps & Mfbk De Merwede v/h van Vliet & Co (Merwede Shipyard) [NL], 702, IMO Number: 9323699
Current Operator: Stena LineCurrent Route: Göteborg [SE] - Frederikshavn [DK]
Length Overall: Beam:
Passenger Capacity: 400Vehicle Capacity: 1,538 lane metres (current) / 1,248lm (as-built)
Tonnage: Sister-ships: STRAITSMAN (ex DUEODDE)

Overview of Stena Vinga

STENA VINGA is a 2005-built Ro-Pax passenger and vehicle ferry which is currently owned and operated by Stena Line. She normally serves the Frederikshavn – Gothenburg route, but during October 2020 is covered the Rosslare – Cherbourg route in place of STENA HORIZON.

HAMMERODDE pictured while on her delivery voyage in 2005. Bornholmstrafikken / Henrik Forsman archive.
HAMMERODDE pictured while on her delivery voyage in 2005. Bornholmstrafikken / Henrik Forsman archive.

Design and Construction

The design of HAMMERODDE and as-built sister-ship DUEODDE was based on the same standard design by Van der Giessen-de Noord (VGN) used by a number of vessels built there. This includes the Via Mare series, BEN-MY-CHREE, and COMMODORE CLIPPER1((Holthof, P. (2003). VIA LIGURE to PASCAL PAOLI. Shippax Guide 03.)). The design was chosen due to time constraints. A ready-made solution was required as BornholmsTrafikken had just 11 months to build a pair of new ships – they were only awarded the Bornholm concession in June 2004 but required to have the ships in service by May 1 the following year.

With Van der Geissen-de Noord closed down((Maritime Journal: IHC To Close van der Giessen-de Noord Shipyard. (n.d.). Retrieved October 26, 2020, from, the build contract for HAMMERODDE and DUEODDE was awarded to Merwede Shipyard at Hardinxveld-Giessendam instead((M/S “HAMMERODDE” – M/S “DUEODDE”. (2018, February 15). Retrieved October 26, 2020, from Like VGN, Merwede was owned by the Dutch IHC group. Due to height constraints at the shipyard, the hull and superstructure of HAMMERODDE were fabricated in different places. While Merwede fabricated the hull themselves, the 66m long superstructure was sub-contracted to Maatschappij De Maas in Rotterdam((Complete opbouw Deense ferry op casco gezet. (n.d.). Retrieved October 26, 2020, from

HAMMERODDE‘s hull left Hardinxveld-Giessendam on January 8 and was towed to Rotterdam were it was united with the superstructure. After fitting out, HAMMERODDE was delivered on April 20, around 8 months after her keel was laid. DUEODDE was delivered 7 days later by Bodewes Scheepswerf “Volharding”, also a part of the IHC group.


During 2010, HAMMERODDE was rebuilt at STX Europe’s Hietalahti yard. This was to meet the requirements for a new concession on amended terms. An additional freight deck was added aft of her superstructure. In addition, a 5m long ducktail sponson and new rudders and propellers were also added and modifications made to the hull. These changes allowed the ship to maintain her original 18.5 knot service speed despite the additional weight and increase draught resulting from the additional trailer deck((Brogren, K. (Ed.). (2010, October). Inside Story: A win-win solution. Cruise and Ferry Info, (Oct 2010).)). To access the new trailer deck on deck 7 a 43.1m long by 3.3m wide MacGregor hoistable ramp was added on the starboard side.

HAMMERODDE was also given a refurbishment, not least due in part because the new freight deck encroached into an area previously occupied by cabins1.

HAMMERODDE in her final “Bornholmer Faergen” colours prior to her sale to Stena Line. Photo: Stena Line.

Now surplus to requirements, sister-ship DUEODDE was sold to Strait Shipping. She became STRAITSMAN.

Stena acquisition

HAMMERODDE was acquired by Stena from Danske Faerger during November 2017 after a concession starting the following year was awarded to Bornholmslijnen. The reported sale price was €22m. Stena chartered the ship back to her previous owner until no longer required.

After returning to Stena, she was renamed STENA VINGA during September 2018 and painted in Stena Line colours at Landskrona.

STENA VINGA. Stena Line.
STENA VINGA. Stena Line.

While Stena Line has primarily used STENA VINGA as a freight-orientated addition to STENA DANICA and STENA JUTLANDICA on the Gothenburg – Frederikshavn route, she has also covered a number of other routes in the Stena Line network. This in includes Travemunde – Liepaja, Gothenburg – Kiel, and Karlskrona – Gdynia. During October 2020 she released STENA HORIZON from the Rosslare – Cherbourg route.

Stena Vinga Technical Info

Side profile drawing of STENA VINGA. Stena Line
Side profile drawing of STENA VINGA. Stena Line
IMO Number9323699


Van der Giessen-de Noord NV, Krimpen aan den IJssel
(basic design)

Building Yard

B.V. Schps & Mfbk De Merwede v/h van Vliet & Co (Merwede Shipyard BV), Hardinxveld, The Netherlands
ClassificationLloyds Register of Shipping
100A1 Roll On-Roll Off Passenger Ship, Ice Class 1C 
Hull Number702
RebuiltSTX Europe, Hietalahti yard, Helsinki, Finland
OwnerStena RoRo Navigation Ltd
Current OperatorStena Line
Keel laying03 Aug 2004
Launched07 Jan 20052
Completed20 Apr 2005
In service (original) 30 Apr 2005
Redelivery after rebuild24 Mar 2010
In service with Stena Line16 Sep 2018
Previous names and operatorsHAMMERODDE
(BornholmsTrafikken / Danske Faerger)
Length overall (present)129.9m
Breadth moulded23.4m
Draught (post 2010 rebuild)5.6m max
Gross tonnage (present)14,551
Deadweight tonnage (present)3,365
Machinery (present)* 2 x MaK 9M43 medium speed marine-diesel engines, each producing 4,320kW @ 600 rpm
* 3 x MAN Holeby 6L 16/24 generator sets, each producing 515kW
* 1 x MAN D2866 emergency generator set
* 2 x Wärtsilä Energopac rudders integrated with Wärtsilä propellers
* 2 x Wärtsilä bow thrusters
* 2 x Fincantieri fin stabilisers
MacGregor access equipment
Power (max)8,640kW
Speed 18.5kts approx.
Passenger capacity 400
Vehicle decks and capacity1,538 lane metres (current) / 1,248lm (as-built)
Vehicles are housed on decks 3, 5, and 7

Deck 3 is accessed by a stern ramp. Deck 5 is accessed by a tilting ramp on the port-side. Vehicles access deck 7 via an additional tilting ramp on the starboard side of deck 5.
Onboard FacilitiesReclining Seat Lounge (Premium)
Restaurant / Cafe
Truckers Lounge
Childrens play area
Gaming machines
A selection of Passenger Cabins
Dog kennels and exercise area
Outside deck
Flag since 09/2018Sweden (Göteborg)
Flag until 09/2018Denmark
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