Some former North Channel Ferries in photographs

Pride of Rathlin (Chantry Classics Postcard).

This post has been replaced by a new dedicated page here. Photographs of some of the ferries which previously plied their trade in our waters.  Note, that due to the age of these photographs (many of which where originally taken with film cameras and scanned), picture quality is sometimes not up to modern standards.

The Fleetwood three – An obituary. Goodbye Buffalo, Puma, and Bison

Pandoro's BUFFALO arrives at Fleetwood after another crossing from Larne. Photographer unknown, Bamford Postcard. NIFS archive

Ant 1, Ant 2, and Anna Marine (originally Buffalo, Union Melbourne (later Puma), and Bison) spent most of their careers together operating to Fleetwood from Larne first for Pandoro/P&O and then Stena Line between 1980 and 2011. They were also beached together during February 2014 after 39 years service.