Stena Line: A look inside: STENA HIBERNIA

A series of images taken onboard the Stena Line Irish Sea freighter STENA HIBERNIA by Scott Mackey.  

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Stena Hibernia drivers lounge. Copyright © Scott Mackey

Photo: STENA HIBERNIA drivers lounge. Copyright © Scott Mackey

STENA HIBERNIA normally operates the freight-only Belfast to Heysham route alongside the larger STENA PERFORMER.  From time to time she also operates on the Belfast – Liverpool (Birkenhead) route and has acted as a freight-only relief vessel on the Belfast – Cairnryan (Loch Ryan Port) route in the past. 

Stena Hibernia in Belfast Lough.
Stena Hibernia in Belfast Lough. Copyright © Steven Tarbox.

The following images were taken onboard the Stena Line Irish Sea freighter STENA HIBERNIA by Scott Mackey and are Copyright © Scott Mackey.  Click the images to view a larger version.  You can view more images of STENA PRECISION (as well as images of many other ferries from around Europe) on Scott’s Flickr page.  With thanks Scott for the use of his images.

The above article is Copyright © Steven Tarbox, all rights reserved.  Unauthorised reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited. 

With thanks to Scott Mackey for the use of his images.

Original article published: 18/01/18
updated:  18/01/18

STENA FORERUNNER. Copyright © Scott Mackey

A Look Inside: Stena Forerunner

STENA FORERUNNER is the temporary dedicated Belfast to Birkenhead freight vessel.  She is one of three Stena 4-Runner MkII freight vessels built for Stena RoRo in China.  In these pictures we get a rare glimpse inside a vessel which normally only gets seen by freight drivers and her own crew.  

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View of the Stena Plus premium lounge. This is located in the same location on deck 7 as were the Met Bar is on Stena Superast VII/VIII.

A look inside: Stena Superfast X

A look inside Stena Line’s Dublin – Holyhead ferry STENA SUPERFAST X. All photos on this page were taken during a return crossing when the ship was on relief duties between Belfast and Cairnryan. Includes deck plan.

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