Ferry Fleets Update – 4 January 2022

By: Gary Andrews
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EUROPEAN SEAWAY at Larne in May 2017. Image: Gary Andrews.
EUROPEAN SEAWAY at Larne in May 2017. Image: Gary Andrews.

Happy New Year from the News and Information Ferry Site Team.

Today, we bring you an update on the latest ferry fleet changes since our last update at the beginning of December

With a large number of vessels just delivered or due to be delivered over the course of 2022, this is likely to be a most interesting year for fleet changes.  We will do our best to keep you informed through our regular news stories and our monthly Fleet Updates.

All information is thoroughly researched and cross-checked as far as possible.  However, please note that this is a snapshot at the time of writing (4 January) and later changes may occur.  We also include some information that is based on industry intelligence that we believe is reliable but may not yet be officially announced.


EXPORTER. Image: Eckerö Shipping
EXPORTER. Image: Eckerö Shipping

Exporter, Shipper and Transporter

Eckerö Shipping has announced continued employment for their three ships.

The contracts for sisters EXPORTER, SHIPPING and TRANSPORTER are with three different operators.

EXPORTER is moving from Holmen Paper AB to UPM-Kymmene Oyj.

TRANSPORTER remains with DFDS for the Fredrikstad – Halden – Zeebrugge – Immingham – Fredrikstad liner service.

SHIPPER moves from Holmen Paper AB to Glenhallen Shipping in the Mediterranean.

Greenferry I

Following the failure of the Elbeferry Cuxhaven to Brunsbüttel service, GREENFERRY I was returned to her owners, Fjord1.

The ex FANAFJORD departed Cuxhaven on 19 December, arriving Haugesund, Norway on 20 December.   Later, on 28 December, she sailed to Olen.  The vessel had been on a two-year bareboat charter until February 2023 and has moved back to the Norwegian flag.  As GREENFERRY I, she had been German flagged.

GREENFERRY I. Image: Elbferry.
GREENFERRY I. Image: Elbferry.


Moby Lines has taken the ICHNUSA of Ichnusa Lines on charter for their Santa Teresa – Bonifacio route.  The vessel began a seasonal service on the same route for her owners in summer 2021, after being purchased from Blu Navy.  The vessel entered service with Moby on 16 December and will remain with them until March this year.

The charter is a result of a string of reliability issues that has seen both the GIRAGLIA and BASTIA side-lined.  The latest incident on 15 November with the BASTIA proved to be the final straw before local politicians intervened and forced the charter.  The ICHNUSA is seen as offering much improved reliability.

Lysvik Seaways and Lysbris Seaways

The two ships have been sold by DFDS to Godby Shipping and chartered back.  See “Sales” section below.


Godby Shipping has announced a three-month charter of the MIDAS to Caribbean Linked Shipping.  With an option for a further three months, the intended trade is New York – Haiti with trailers, cars, other roro cargo and containers.  Delivery is planned for New York 12 January 2022.  MIDAS has just completed a charter to Accordia Shipping on USA to Caribbean liner traffic.

MIDAS: Image: Godby Shipping.
MIDAS: Image: Godby Shipping.

Pol Maris and Pol Stella

Further to last month’s report, regarding POL MARIS and POL STELLA being chartered to DFDS.  Industry intelligence suggests that the ships will be used on the ever-expanding DFDS Med Operation.  The Danish company has said that in 2022 they will add an additional two vessels to their Mediterranean fleet.

The exact timings are unclear, but both vessels are due to finish operations with Stena on the North Sea over the course of the next month.

POL MARIS 30 October 2020. Image: Rob de Visser
POL MARIS 30 October 2020. Image: Rob de Visser

Seatruck Panorama

SEATRUCK PANORAMA went back on charter to Stena Line on 20 December.  She is currently being used on the Rosslare – Cherbourg route.  The vessel was previously on charter for the year up to September 2021 at Birkenhead.

During the interim period, SEATRUCK PANORAMA has covered for the dry-docks of the Seatruck Ferries fleet as well as having her own.

(Stena) Saga

Further to last month’s update, more details have emerged of the SAGA’s new role.  She is being used, for at least the next year, as accommodation during the construction of Manila’s new international airport.  This is a partnership between Stena Roro and the Bridgemans Services Group.   Full details can be read here.

Notably Stena has said that this paves the way for future projects for redundant ferries.  One wonders about the potential of older fleet members such as the STENA EUROPE, STENA VISION and STENA SPIRIT for such projects?

SEATRUCK PANORAMA. Copyright © Scott Mackey..
SEATRUCK PANORAMA. Copyright © Scott Mackey..


Croazia Jet

Last month we reported that the CROAZIA JET is reportedly being sold to Seajets.  The vessel sailed from El Gaumache Venezuela on 20 December to Tembladora (near Port of Spain), Trinidad and Tobago, arriving the following day.

European Seaway

On 21 December 2021, Åland-based Sea Lines announced that they’d purchased the retired P&O Ferries ship EUROPEAN SEAWAY.  They plan to rename her SEA ANATOLIA and tow her to Turkey for refurbishment, including fitting internal ramps. Despite previously operating the Sea Lines Turkey – Ukraine route, the company doesn’t currently have a ferry service.  It seems that the ship is potentially simply an investment and market reports suggest she was acquired at a near scrap price.

Market intelligence reveals that P&O is also attempting to sell the PRIDE OF BURGUNDY again. That vessel was removed from service just before Christmas after covering on the Dover – Calais route during the refit period of the PRIDE OF CANTERBURY.

FEDJEFJORD profile.  Image: Fjord1.
FEDJEFJORD profile. Image: Fjord1.


The €3.6 million sale the FEDJEFJORD of Norled to the Åland Provincial Government has been announced.

The ferry was built in 2001, with a capacity for 35 cars and 145 passengers. It is planned to be put into service on the Åva – Osnäs line in the first half of 2023.  This will follow modifications to the ferry berth in Åva.  The FEDJEFJORD will be modified for her new role at Stavanger, adding €400,000 to the cost.

Isola di Capraia

Cin Tirrenia has sold the ISOLA DI CAPRAIA to Caremar.  The desired auction price of €4.75 million was achieved.   The 1999-built Aquastrada fast ferry has a capacity for 522 passengers and 57 cars.

The monohull fast ferry is used on the Termoli – Tremiti Islands concession by Navigazione Libera del Golfo. However, due to the ownership links between Caremar and NLG, it seems likely that the craft will remain in her current use.


Lysbris Seaways and Lysvik Seaways

Whilst normally outside the scope of this site, due to the operators involved it is worth mentioning the sale of the two side-port and container vessels LYSBRIS SEAWAYS and LYSVIK SEAWAYS.  On 23 December Godby Shipping announced the purchase of the two ships from DFDS.  LYSVIK SEAWAYS was delivered on 27 December and LYSBRIS SEAWAYS will follow during January. 

The two-ships will remain with DFDS, but now on charter. They continue to be deployed on routes between Norway, the UK and the Continent, carrying mainly industrial paper products and containers. The charter agreement is until 2024 with options to extend.

Godby alluded to the reason for the transaction as being that they didn’t fit into the DFDS fleet type.

Utne/Loch Frisa

Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL) has announced that the UTNE (see our October update) will be renamed LOCH FRISA. Loch Frisa is the largest loch on the Isle of Mull, the island she will service when she sails Oban – Craignure.


Eurocargo Patrasso

The RoRo EUROCARGO PATRASSO of Grimaldi Lines arrived for scrapping at Aliaga on 28 December.  Although dating from only 1998 when many older roro ships still exist, it is understood that the ship was not in a good technical condition and also fuel inefficient.  The ship had been built for Fred Olsen and also operated for Trasmediterránea before passing to Grimaldi in 2015.  Sister-ship EUROCARGO TRIESTE was scrapped in 2020, after a fire.

A video of her arrival on the beach can be seen here.

Express Pegasus / Pegasus X

Renamed PEGASUS X, EXPRESS PEGASUS arrived at Aliaga, Turkey, for breaking on 17 December 2021.  Her owners, the Attica Group, confirmed that she was sold for $1.12 million USD.  She left Perama, under tow, late on the night of 13 December.

LUBENICE. Image: Jadrolinija.
LUBENICE. Image: Jadrolinija.


It was announced that the 1983-built LUBENICE of Jadrolinija was sold for scrap.  The ship which sailed on the Prapratno – Sobra route, has been replaced by the VALUN.  That vessel has in turn been replaced by the HRVAT. It was expected the ship would go to Aliaga, Turkey in January.  However, due to weather and preparation issues, this has been delayed until March.

Mahabbah / Mahabba

As reported in our last update, unlike fleetmate MASARRAH, MAHABBAH made no swift departure for scrap after her sale was revealed. 

However, she was eventually handed over to her new owners at Khor Fakkan on 12 December.  Renamed MAHABBA and flagged to Gabon, she is currently an anchor off Chittagong, Bangladesh awaiting scrapping.

WIND AMBITION departing the Mersey August 2010. Image: Ian Collard.
WIND AMBITION departing the Mersey August 2010. Image: Ian Collard.


Despite having been sold for scrap during the summer and even reported beached at Chittagong in August, the PRINCE remains loitering around the Bay of Bengal.  The vessel will be remembered under a variety of names such as WIND AMBITION, KING OF SCANDINAVIA, STENA SCANDINAVIA and PRINSESSAN BIRGITTA.

It seems that the vessel is being used as a test case to force the return of European ships that try to evade the European ban on scrapping at non-approved yards.

Tallink Autoexpress 2

It has been reported in various places online that TALLINK AUTOEXPRESS 2 is finally about to be demolished in Venezuela.   Neglected, the fast ferry of Conferry had partially sunk in August 2018.

Italian Covid Migrant Accommodation

The AURELIA, GNV AZZURRA, RHAPSODY and SPLENDID of GNV/SNAV and the MOBY DADA of Moby/Tirrenia have been awarded the latest Italian government contracts to provide support in dealing with migrants in Covid times.

Previous contracts have entirely gone to GNV/SNAV and this is the first time the Moby Group has succeeded in gaining work.

The work which started on 1 January, will continue until 31 March 2022. 

The MOBY DADA departed Civitavecchia on 3 January for Trapani to begin her employment. 



Aura Seaways

DFDS took delivery of the AURA SEAWAYS on 9 December 2020.  Built by Guangzhou Shipyard International Co, Ltd. at their Nansha Yard in China, the ship was originally expected in Q1 2021.  The ship has a capacity of 4,500 lane metres and 600 passengers.

This is the first passenger vessel ordered and designed by DFDS since the SCANDINAVIA was delivered in 1982.

AURA SEAWAYS departed China on 20 December and at the time of writing was waiting to pass through the Suez Canal.

Judging by LinkedIn posts and her state of readiness, her sister the LUNA SEAWAYS seems ready to be delivered soon.

AURA SEAWAYS is expected to enter service promptly on the Klaipeda – Karlshamn route.


By way of an update to last month’s report, SALAMANCA departed China on 10 December.  Clearing the Suez Canal on 2 January, the E-Flexer class ship is due at Bilbao on 12 January.

STENA BALTICA preparing to depart Tuzla.  Image: Sedef Shipyard.
STENA BALTICA preparing to depart Tuzla. Image: Sedef Shipyard.

Stena Baltica

The STENA BALTICA was re-delivered to Stena Line just before Christmas.  The ex-STENA MERSEY departed the Sedef Shipyard, Tuzla on 22 December and arrived at Gdansk on 2 January.  At Gdansk’s Remontowa yard, the ship will receive final preparations for service and be re-flagged to Denmark.

STENA BALTICA should join the Nynäshamn – Ventspils route around the middle of January.  Later in the year, she is due to move to the Gdynia – Karlskrona service.

Viking Glory

The long-anticipated VIKING GLORY was handed over to Viking Line on 23 December 2021.  Around a year late, the cruiseferry was ordered from the Chinese Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry Co in April 2017.

The ship departed China on 28 December.  Coming to Finland, via the Suez Canal, the journey is expected to take around 5 weeks.  At the time of writing the ship is enroute to Sri Lanka, having made a stop at Singapore on 2 -3 January.  She is due in service on the Turku – Stockholm route on 1 March.

The arrival of the VIKING GLORY is currently expected to see the retirement of the AMORELLA.

VIKING GLORY prior to departure from China.  Image: Viking Line.
VIKING GLORY prior to departure from China. Image: Viking Line.


Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV)

Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV) has contracted for four ferries from Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI), China.  The first of these will be delivered to the Italian ferry company in the period late 2024 to early 2025. 

  • Length: 218 m
  • Breadth: 29.6  m
  • Freight capacity: 3,100 lane metres
  • Passenger Capacity: 1,500 (303 cabins)
  • Maximum speed: 25 knots

Rederi AB Gotland

Rederi AB Gotland has announced a project to develop a hydrogen-powered RoPax ferry for their Destination Gotland subsidiary.  The goal is to order the vessel during 2025, to be put into operation by 2030.

The vessel will carry 1900 passengers, 600 cars or 100 freight vehicles and travel at 28 knots.  The project is known as “Gotland Horizon”.

GOTLAND HORIZON render.  Image: Destination Gotland.
GOTLAND HORIZON render. Image: Destination Gotland.

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) 

Spanish shipyard Hijos de J. Barreras has picked up the contract to build the third new ship for Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI).  The €75 million ferry will be used to transport passengers, railway carriages and wagons, dangerous goods and rail tankers in the Strait of Messina, and railway wagons when operating Sicily – Sardinia.

  • Length: 150 m
  • Breadth: 19.5  m
  • Service speed: 18 knots

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