Side profile drawing of the standard Stena E-Flexer Ro-pax design as released by Stena Line at the time of ordering from AVIC Weihai in China, with the rendering released today from DFDS. Image: Stena Line/DFDS edited by niferrysite.

The vessel now ordered is the fifth in the Stena E-Flexer RoPax class and Stena RoRo has a further three options on vessels for delivery from 2021 and onwards. The newbuild has been signed to a 10-year bareboat charter with DFDS. The new ferry will operate in the English Channel between Dover and Calais. With a capacity of 3,100 lane metres and up to 1,000 passengers, the vessel will be DFDS’s largest ferry operating in the English Channel. The ship will be designed to the highest technical and environmental standard and will offer an anticipated 25 per cent lower fuel consumption compared with today’s ferries.

Updated DFDS Stena E-Flexer render provided by Stena RoRo. Stena RoRo.
Updated DFDS Stena E-Flexer render provided by Stena RoRo. Stena RoRo.

In 2016, Stena RoRo placed an order for four large RoPax vessels with the Chinese shipyard AVIC International with an option for a further four vessels. The vessel now ordered is the fifth in the series.

“The design of the ship will be worked out in close cooperation with DFDS. This deal is a good example of how we work being the largest and most well-known tonnage provider in the RoPax segment”, says Per Westling, MD of Stena RoRo.’’

The order is part of DFDS’s renewal of its fleet and will replace one of the six ferries currently operating in the English Channel.

“These ships have been designed not only to the highest standards of technical and environmental performance but also with a high degree of flexibility, thus ensuring that the design can be modified in order to fulfill our clients specific needs. As a tonnage provider we are very pleased and proud to be trusted by DFDS to develop this vessel for their very intensive English Channel service”, says Per Westling.

”In addition to this order, we also recently concluded a similar deal with the French ferry operator Brittany Ferries. The other three vessels will be operated by Stena Line on the Irish Sea”, Per Westling said.

Since 1977, Stena RoRo has been a leader in the development of new marine RoRo cargo and passenger concepts. Our products consist of both specially designed and standardised RoRo and RoPax vessels. The company charters some 20 vessels to operators all over the world, both other Stena companies and third parties. Stena RoRo specialises above all in using its technical expertise to design and convert existing vessels to be able to supply its customers with tailor-made transport solutions. We call this “Stenability”.

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11 thoughts on “PR: Stena RoRo signs contract for newbuild for long-term charter to DFDS

    • Cairnryan, as they’ve purchased the Superfasts so don’t need new tonnage on the North Channel. The other one is likely for Holyhead, but it wouldn’t be the first time plans have changed.

      Stena have 5 Irish Sea passenger routes btw 🙂.

    • NI Ferry Site With the new builds coming and the purchase of the Superfast ferries, as well as a new ramp and linkspan to be fitted in Fishguard, I had thought that may suggest one of the Superfasts to replace the ageing Stena Europe on the Fishguard-Rosslare service.

    • If Fishguard gets a Superfast it will be more than likely X as Dublin could do with a vessel that has more freight capacity than her. For example, an E-flexer;). Somewhere else could get X if she does get replaced though, she may even be chartered out.

      At present Europe looks to be around for a while yet but she can’t go on forever, so it makes sense to replace the ancient linkspan at Fishguard with a twin tier one as it’s a job that needs doing anyway (even if there are no plans to use both tiers any time soon). There don’t appear any plans to move Rosslare to twin-tier loading at present in any case. A case of wait and see, but it’s also worth remembering that the Fishguard plans are only at the proposal stage with investigations still ongoing and no contracts signed.

    • NI Ferry Site The plans are to close the port for three months next year to replace the 46 year old linkspan, with hopefully a double tier one as Rosslare has one of these already, used by Irish Ferries’ Isle of Inishmore.

      Rumours have circulated the area about the replacement of the Europe for a long time now, with the Stena Nordica, Stena Superfast X and the Swedish Stena Jutlandica all being rumoued to come to the route, but time will tell I guess.

    • I understand Stena Line has stated that service to and from the port would be maintained in the event of this development taking place and this hasn’t even been finalised yet

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