Site Update 6/9/14

Cruise calls page updated Ferry Publications book release dates updated. WordPress updated to 4.0 All plugins and themes updated Some new content is on the way over the next few weeks.  I am also working on a new custom designed theme for the site as well.  For the latest pictures, updates, and discussion please see: or join the Facebook group

Site update 31st July 2014

After another absence, the updates to the site are back.  On the technical side all the behind the skin stuff such as WordPress and the plug-ins have been updated to the latest versions.  The technical trouble experienced previously also appears to be behind us.  Now on to the good stuff. Following a recent return trip onboard Stena Mersey, an interior gallery has been added.  Join me for a walk around Stena Mersey’s main passenger deck here. Photographs been added to the Stena Superfast, Stena Precision/Performer, and Stena Hibernia pages. Some details of special offers onboard Stena’s Belfast to Scotland service have been added to the news page. The cruise calls page has been updated, and a picture added of one of the recent visitors to Belfast.

Site update – some problems

So this is about the 4th attempt today to post this update, hopefully it will work this time.   Firstly I want to apologise for the lack of updates.  Unfortunately I have been unwell, and had a minor operation a couple of weeks ago resulting in an infection.  Thankfully I am on the mend now but the site has also been having technical problems during June meaning I couldn’t access the admin panel to post anything!  This now appears to have been resolved after I edited some of the php code manually and disabled some of t he plugins.  Over the next day or so things might move around or lag a bit as I try to get everything running as normal again. I have added a couple of posts today (including a new video from P&O) and created a new Facebook book to replace the Facebook page which is … Read more

Site update: 6th May 2014

Unfortunately the gallery feature still seems to be broken, despite a full reinstall of the WordPress update.  However, I have managed to be able to add the pictures by uploading them to a server external to the site and then linking them.  This may either improve or hinder site performance on those pages, time will tell.  Today’s changes are: New pictures uploaded of Stena Performer, Manannan, and Stena Mersey. Link to the InCat specification document for Manannan posted on her page until her full profile is written. Updated and tidied up the routes and operators page. Books page updated with titles published since last update.    

Site updates Wed 30/4/2014

Well its been a while from the last update due to my ongoing illness, however I managed to get out with the camera during the beautiful weather recently and so have added some pictures.  Todays updates are as follows Wordpress updated to 3.9 and all plugins and themes updated to the latest versions. New photographs added to Manannan, Stena Superfast VII,  Stena Mersey, and Stena Precision.  Due to a problem with the media gallery which appears to have been caused by the last WordPress update these are not appearing on the site at present.  They can be viewed on my flickr site at in the meantime. Page added for the Isle of Man fast craft Manannan.

Site update 5/4/14

Just a quick update to fix the remaining error messages appearing on the various pages linked to flickr images. Whilst the majority of these images have been replaced with copies held on the niferrysite server, I have taken the decision to delete a few. However I hope to add more images in the near future.

Temporary unavailability of some pictures

Due to continued theft of his work, Scott Mackey has taken the very difficult decision to make his flickr albums private.  The alternative to this was to delete all 6 years of work and 10,000+ photographs, effectively taking the vast majority of his work offline. As a result of this decision (which I fully support) the pictures on this site which are linked to flickr will no longer work.  I hope to restore these pictures over the coming week, and Scott has kindly agreed that his work can be continued to be displayed on this site.  However, I will be adding a (subtle) central watermark to all pictures uploaded to the site from now on as theft of digital images is a big problem for many photographers at present, with unauthorised reproductions being sold on eBay for example.  Unfortunately watermarking on the edges of the frame has proven ineffective as … Read more

Site updates March 2014 to date

So it’s the first real update of March and its a big one!  At last I have managed to get around to writing the updates I have been planning for the last couple of weeks.  So in no particular order, this is what has been added over the past few days. Seatruck Power and Seatruck Progress profile added – although they don’t currently operate to Northern Ireland, Seatrucks policy of moving ships around to cover charters means they likely will do a some stage in the future wether for Seatruck themselves or another operator. Stena Hibernia profile added. This completes the profiles for the current Stena Line fleet. P&O’s Express profile added, so the local P&O fleet is now complete Pictures added to Stena Precision and Stena Performer page. Started adding brief operator profiles (not yet accessible). Added section at the bottom of routes and operators page for ships which … Read more

Just a quickie

Just a quick update to let everyone know that the site is still very much alive, but unfortunately I have been ill for the past few weeks.  This means that I am now having to prioritise other things over the website, but hopefully things will be back to normal in the coming week or two. Todays changes: Updated all plugins to the latest versions.

Update 28/2/2014

I have added a profile for Stena Precision and Stena Performer (no pics yet)/  Still getting the hang of the macbook but have moved much of my draft material forward today.  I’m also still in the process of setting up my PC to boot into Mac OSX as well. Additionally, there seems to be some problems with WordPress as the software keeps loosing its connection to the service.  Hopefully this is a temporary thing and not the start of an ongoing problem.

Site Updates 27/02/14 (or not)

Site updates 27/2/14 After a good start yesterday my plans for a big update where put on hold today for the most unlikely of reasons – I have bought myself a MacBook Pro and so am getting used to iOS Mavericks (the last time I used a Mac for any length of time it was one of those Performa things, and an original Macintosh with monochrome display – much, much different to this).  Alongside this I have also been installing Mavericks to my main PC (making it a ‘Hackintosh’) which posed its own unique challenges.  All should be back to normal over the weekend so I will get the promised updates done.