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EPSILON. Irish Ferries
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Cantiere Navale di Visentini Francesco & C. #228


EPSILON was launched as CARTOUR EPSILON and is the final of a series of 24 diesel-powered Visentini RoPax vessels designed by NAOS design and launched between 1997 and 2011.  She is the 13th vessel of the more efficient "flex-bow" generation, and is engined by MAN.  She was constructed for Italian operator Caronte and Tourist in 2011. EPSILON is the member of the series with the highest vehicle capacity (some 2,860 lane metres), but as a result of this has a lower passenger capacity than most members of the series as built.  This is due to her passenger accommodation block being smaller than the other "flex-bow" vessels, resulting in a recess into the superstructure on the weather deck.

Irish Ferries service

EPSILON was chartered by Irish Ferries parent company Irish Continental Group (ICG) from her owners Cartour Srl (Caronte and Tourist) at the end of 2013.  Following a refit in Italy she arrived in Ireland in January 2014, entering service on the 18th of January.  EPSILON operates as the second conventional vessel on the Dublin to Holyhead route for Irish Ferries from Monday to Friday.  On weekends she operates a single round trip from Dublin to Cherbourg in France which is marketed as an economy service.


In early January 2018 ICG announced that they had ordered a new vessel for the Dublin to Holyhead route which will replace the main vessel ULYSSES on the route when delivered.  ULYSEES will then replace EPSILON on the Dublin to Holyhead schedule.  A second vessel named WB YEATS which was ordered during 2016 is due to be delivered mid-2018 and will takeover the Dublin to Cherbourg route.  Both new vessels have been ordered from Germany's Flensburger Shiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) shipyard.

Technical Data



IMO Number



NAOS Ship and Boat Design S.R.L, Trieste, Italy

Building Yard

Cantiere Navale di Visentini Francesco & C., Donada, Italy

Hull Number


Keel Laid05/06/2008
Year Completed



RINA C ro-ro Passenger ship

Unrestricted Navigation; AUT-UMS Ice Class -1C-


Levantina Transporti Srl
(Giovanni Visentini)


Irish Ferries


Dublin - Holyhead

Dublin - Cherbourg (on weekends)

In service (original)03/05/11
(Caronte & Tourist)
In service (Irish Ferries)18/01/14
Call sign


Previous names and operators (oldest first)

Cartour Epsilon (Caronte & Tourist)

Length overall (Between Perpendiculars)

186.5m (177.4m)

Breadth molded




Gross Tonnage


  • 2 x MAN B&W 9L 48/60B – 10,800 kW each @ 500 rpm
  • 3 x Diesel generators, plus 2 shaft generators
  • 2 x KaMeWa 4.8m diameter CPP type propellers
  • 2 x 1300kW bow thrusters
  • 2 x Fin stabilisers
Power(Max/Pme  @ 75%)


Operational speed (Max)

20kts (24kts)

Capacity (max)

500 passengers

  • 70 cabins with a total of 276 berths including 2 disabled cabins
  • 50 reclining seats
Vehicle decks
  • 2,860 total lane metres with a max clearance of 4.87m
  • 100 reefer points
  • Access is via a stern door opening onto deck 3.  A series of ramps allows access to the other decks.
Onboard Facilities in use


  • Boylan’s Brasserie
  • Cafe Lafayette
  • Onboard shop
  • Reclining seat lounge
  • Selection of 2 and 4 berth cabins (Chargeable extra)


Italy (Bari)


In common with other Visentini RoPax vessels, deck 5 is the only passenger deck accessible by lift.  The main passenger facilities such as the restaurant and cafe are housed on this deck, as are the disabled cabins.

Title image: EPSILON.  Courtesy of Irish Ferries

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